Bleach: The 10 Healthiest Characters, Ranked

Bleach is among the original “big three” of shonen, along with One piece and naruto, and the three legendary shonen series feature a dazzling cast of colorful and memorable characters, from vicious rogues like Grimmjow to more wholesome characters that viewers can fall in love with. Every anime needs at least one healthy character.

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While many of BleachWhether the characters are tough-talking punks or wild monsters, there are still plenty of good-hearted and sane characters in this story to balance things out. They are classified among BleachThe most popular characters of. These wholesome characters are the embodiment of generosity, patience, kindness, and sympathy, and they are impossible to corrupt.

10 Lieutenant Momo Hinamori loves her friends

The charming Momo Hinamori is the second-in-command of Squad 5. He is also noted for his love of literature, his drawing skills, and his utter devotion to Captain Sosuke Aizen. Unfortunately, Aizen took advantage of Momo’s fanaticism and nearly died twice because of him.

On the positive side, Momo is a kind, generous, and talented girl who adores all of her friends, especially her childhood friend Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya, and does not have an iota of cruelty. She gladly risked her life to help Rangiku fight the Three Beasts, and made a good show of it.

9 Yoruichi Shihoin makes fun of people but always has good intentions

Yoruichi makes a cunning reaction

Ninja-like Yoruichi Shihoin is known for many things, from her elite martial arts skills to her role in helping Ichigo during the Soul Society story arc. There is a lot to love about this character. In addition to her formidable prowess, Yoruichi is a great friend and a fun character to watch.

Yoruichi loves to tease people to show her playful side, and it’s always a lot of fun, even if the young Byakuya Kuchiki finds it infuriating. Yoruichi is also a selfless and loyal friend who will risk everything for the people he loves and asks for nothing in return. She is also good at comforting people who are in distress.

8 Hanataro Yamada just wants to help

Like Momo Hinamori, Soul Reaper Hanataro Yamada is a kind person who would never dare to insult or harm a friend. In fact, he belongs to squad 4, the medical squad, and his zanpakuto is all about healing, not drawing blood. He is sometimes teased for having the word “flower” in his name, but he takes it in stride.

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Hanataro is a patient and gentle boy who can get along with almost anyone, and even if he is treated rudely by other people, he simply turns the other cheek and continues to help others, as duty demands. He even volunteered to help Ichigo during the Soul Society arc.

7 Masaki Kurosaki was a great mother

Bleach Masaki Kurosaki smiling

Ichigo’s late mother, Masaki Kurosaki, is definitely among the best anime mothers with her stellar personality and fighting skills. When she was a teenager, she was a Quincy archer who helped Captain Isshin Shiba take down Aizen’s experimental Hollow.

Masaki charmed Isshin with her warm and generous personality and cheerful attitude, and the two later married. Masaki later became the loving mother of a son and two daughters. It’s no wonder Ichigo was so close to her during their time together. Ichigo was devastated when Grand Fisher murdered his healthy mother one afternoon.

6 Yuzu Kurosaki is Ichigo’s healthy little sister.

Ichigo’s twin sisters, Yuzu and Karin, are noticeably different from each other. While Karin is a moody tsundere who finds fault with everything, Yuzu is a cheerful girl who gladly supports the Kurosaki family as a surrogate mother figure, despite her youth.

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Yuzu can kindly complain about her father and brother’s antics, but otherwise she is a wonderful person who, like Momo, is not a bit mean. Isshin is certainly very proud of her.

5 Nelliel needs a reason to fight

adult form of nelliel

In her amnesiac child form, Nelliel is quite spoiled, as she is likely to annoy other people and throw a tantrum, and Ichigo had to put up with that early in the Hueco Mundo story arc. But before long, Nelliel showed her adult form and, with it, her healthy side.

The real Nelliel is a skilled and disciplined warrior who always needs a good reason to fight, which sets her apart from the bully Nnoitora Gilga, her nemesis. She is also a kind and compassionate person who is quick to return favors, even if it means risking her life.

4 Captain Jushiro Ukitake is proud of his subordinates

Captain Jushiro Ukitake is among the oldest and most powerful Soul Reapers of them all, but he’s the last person who would brag about it. Instead, Ukitake is a kind, soft-spoken fellow who is far more concerned with the well-being of his subordinates than his own.

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This makes Ukitake quite popular in his squad, the 13th, and he is highly regarded among all Soul Reapers for many reasons. Later, in the Thousand Year Blood War arc, he gave his life to help save the Soul King from Yhwach’s wrath.

3 Kaien Shiba was Rukia’s role model.

Kaien smiling while still alive

The late Kaien Shiba was one of the most popular Soul Reapers of his time, and something similar could be said for his wife, Miyako, as well. Kaien once belonged to squad 13 and was noted for his generous and compassionate personality, and was admired by many people.

Kaien personally trained Rukia Kuchiki in the way of the sword and also taught her a valuable lesson about the “heart” that connects people. He wasn’t even upset when Rukia killed him to free him from the parasitic Hollow called Metastacia.

two Chad is Ichigo’s best friend.

chad thumbs up

Ichigo Kurosaki’s good friend Chad is easily one of the sanest characters in the series, even if he is rather quiet and hardly ever expresses his sanity side to his classmates. Chad was a bully when he was a child, until he learned the true meaning of strength and decided to use his strong body to protect others, instead of harming them.

Chad is a deeply loyal and trustworthy friend to Ichigo and Orihime, and is practically incapable of malice. Instead, Chad clings tightly to his healthy virtues as a shonen hero and won’t compromise them even in the face of an enemy far stronger than himself.

1 Orihime Inoue is too precious for words

orihime happy

It is true that Orihime Inoue converted most of the Bleach fandom against her when she ended up marrying Ichigo, which ruined the fan-favorite Ichigo/Rukia pairing. But other than that, there’s a lot to love about Ichigo’s good friend Orihime, who has remarkable spiritual powers and a stunning personality to match.

Orhime is compassionate, generous, and loyal to her friends. She has a cheerful sense of humor, and above all, lacks pettiness or malice. She’s the type to heal someone who just hit her, and when Orihime was jealous of how much Ichigo depended on Rukia, the selfless Orihime felt bad about those feelings of jealousy. She would never try to steal Ichigo from someone else for her own good.

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