Bloodborne cosplay recreates the horrible boss Vicar Amelia

Bloodborne’s monstrous vicar Amelia is emblematic of the game’s gothic horror aesthetic, and one fan has now transformed into the creature.

an amazing blood borne The cosplay recreates Vicar Amelia, a beastly boss fought early in a player’s journey through Yharnam. FromSoftware’s action RPG ditched the developer’s typical fantasy setting and instead took players into a monster-infested gothic city. Fans have dressed up as inhabitants of Yharnam, with a cosplay of blood borne Pattern Lady Maria is an example, but Vicar Amelia is a particularly inhuman subject to recreate.

blood borne belongs to FromSoftware’s “soulslike” genre, but the PlayStation exclusive title puts its own original spin on the action RPG formula. The city of Yharnam has a unique gothic aesthetic and its streets are filled with terrifying enemies like werewolves, angry mobs, and brutal preachers. The title also puts a more aggressive spin on soul combat, making players much faster than previous installments and allowing them to recover health through quick counter-attacks. The game also gradually transitions into cosmic horror, allowing players to unravel an increasingly unsettling experience. The beloved world of Yharnam has inspired many fan tributes, such as a blood borne Hunter cosplay outfit that comes complete with a Saw Cleaver that can transform between two forms.


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In an incredible tribute to blood borneCosplayer and Instagram user vicious.frockery recently shared her transformation into the monstrous Vicar Amelia. Recently worn at Katsucon 2022 in Washington DC, the complex recreation was photographed by another Instagram user dtjaaaam. In the amazing cosplay, vicious.frockery wears a simple ripped dress, which reflects Amelia’s initial appearance in her introductory scene, but also recreates her boss’s bestial metamorphosis. A hairy beast head perfectly translates the blood borne the in-game boss design, including its razor-sharp teeth and horns, in the real world. The cosplay is beautiful, but those who come up to admire it should have a Saw Cleaver on hand.

FromSoftware’s terrifying world of Yharnam has left an unmistakable mark on gamers, leading to cosplay and other fascinating blood borne tributes. Projects like a fan-made statue of bloodborne Orphan of Kos allows players to pay tribute to the hunters and their nightmarish enemies. Perhaps the most difficult boss in the game, the Orphan of Kos serves as the final challenger in ARPGs. downloadable expansion the old hunters. The withered child and his placenta-like weapon are lifted directly from the game, and the statue’s creator painstakingly paints the haunting creation.

Due to its interesting designs and unique weaponry, bloodborne human characters often become the subjects of fan cosplay. However, vicious.frockery has gone the extra mile by transforming itself into one of the most horrific and inhumane threats in the game. While the boss’s massive size and infamous howl are impossible to recreate, the cosplay brings Vicar Amelia’s animal design to life.

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blood borne is available on PlayStation 4.

Source: vicious.frockery/Instagram, dtjaaaam/Instagram

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