Boruto’s version of Akatsuki is much stronger than Naruto’s…and worse

Akatsuki and Kara are two of the deadliest criminal organizations that threaten shinobi in the Naruto and Boruto universe. But which one is more effective?

The greatest threat to the shinobi of the naruto and boruto universe, outside of the “tailed beasts”, and the magically empowered clan of an ancient alien race, are two powerful criminal organizations known as akatsuki and Kara. While Akatsuki and Kara share several similarities, they differ significantly in the most important metric, success.

Akatsuki was originally established for a pure and positive purpose, namely to bring peace and harmony to the ninja community. Such a worthy goal attracted the interest and support of many disillusioned but honest ninjas over the years. However, after the death of its first leader, Yahiko, the organization moved further and further away from its original goal of peace in favor of a program focused on control, domination, and oppression. A major factor in his turning to the dark side was the influence of Kaguya Otsutsuki through her Black Zetsu spawn. It was as a criminal organization that Akatsuki achieved ultimate power by quietly influencing people and events to work in his favor.


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However, of boruto The organization of evil villains just doesn’t carry the same weight. Unlike Akatsuki, Kara’s purpose, from the beginning, was dark. Founded by Jigen, the vessel of Kaguya’s partner Isshiki Otsutsuki, Kara was established to facilitate Isshiki’s return to the world so that she could complete her mission of cultivating a God Tree for the glory of the Otsutsuki clan. To further her goals, Kara relies on two main platforms. The first platform focuses on recruiting as wide a range of supporters as possible, known as “outsiders,” in order to amass the wealth, resources, and support Kara needs to achieve her goal, as well as conduct operations for the senior group of Kara, known as “interns”. The second platform involves the research, development, and deployment of advanced “ninja technology”, including cyborgs, which greatly increase their formidable ability. It was through her scientific advances that Kara has been able to develop some of the most powerful beings in the world. naruto universe.

On paper, Kara is the strongest organization. His influence reaches to the highest levels of society, his technology is powerful, and he was led by a real Otsutsuki, albeit through his Jigen ship. However, despite these advantages, Kara has proven to be quite incompetent in achieving any of her goals. Their leader is dead and has been replaced by a teenager. Some of their strongest members have been killed and the person responsible for developing their technology has gone over to the other side. On the contrary, despite his eventual defeat, Akatsuki was able to accomplish all of his goals. He fostered tension between the communities leading to the Fourth Great Shinobi War, and more importantly, resurrected Kaguya.

Akatsuki’s success was due to a number of factors. First, they had a long-term plan and they stuck to it. The basic principles of the plan were accepted and promoted by each successive leader after Yahiko. That stability of focus allowed them to overcome various setbacks and come out of the experience even stronger. Second, unlike Kara, Akatsuki’s strong fighters were able to stay under everyone’s radar until they were ready to put their plan into motion. Ultimately, Akatsuki relied on broader support in the communities that mattered most to achieve its goal, namely the ninjas. In contrast, despite being a much larger group in terms of outsiders, Kara had few viable ties to the ninja communities he needed most.

There’s still a chance to Kara to show that they are the best criminal organization in the naruto universe. In fact, Kara Code members Eida and Daemon might be the deadliest trio of criminals in the world. narutoboruto continued But for now, the differences between him and akatsuki in terms of successes enjoyed it is not even close.

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