Bunny Drop has a terrible ending

For most series that have a manga and anime version, it is often assumed that the manga is better. However, in the case of bunny drop, it’s the opposite. According to most fans, bunny drops The end of the manga was completely confused, so the manga as a whole is almost completely ignored.

The series that strove to focus on wholesomeness, good values, and overcoming obstacles became quite jarring when the end of the manga forced the father and daughter figures to come together as a couple.

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The series follows the main character Daikichi, a thirty-year-old man who becomes the guardian of a 6-year-old girl named Rin, who is also her aunt. Both the manga and anime follow the two as they navigate through life, as well as Daikichi figuring out how to be a single father all of a sudden. The anime stops after Rin enters the school, but the manga does not. Instead, he skips time when Rin is in high school, where she falls in love with Daikichi. Instead of denying her, Daikichi says that if she doesn’t fall in love with anyone else by the end of high school, he will consider having a romantic relationship with her.

Of course, Rin doesn’t fall in love with anyone else, and when it’s revealed that the two aren’t biologically related after all, Daikichi comes to terms with his feelings, they get married, and Rin wants children. Right now, Rin has just graduated from high school and turned 18, while Daikichi, her father figure turned love interest, is around 42 years old.

Fortunately, the anime adaptation does a few things differently. It mostly sticks to the first four volumes of the manga, which contain only pre-time skip events when Rin is still little. This was done strategically, as stated in an Anime News Network interview with director Kanta Kamei. Kamei stated that as the manga was still ending just as the anime was being produced, the team felt that they could only cover around four volumes in the series. The interview also mentions that they knew about the time jump and acknowledged that “[t]The topics and points of view were completely different, so [they] everyone decided from the start that [they] I would only turn up the volume [4].”

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This meant that the anime was able to stick to more pure and wholesome themes, leading the show to receive a warm reception as a very heartwarming show. In fact, it was seen as such a relaxing and wholesome show that it is frequently mentioned as a classic example of the everyday life sub-genre known as “Iyashikei”. Iyashikei is a genre about comforting and healing viewers, showing everyday life as something beautiful. Iyashikei is also a title given to series that have intrinsic value, as they have achieved the goal of exciting the viewer.

The consensus on the ending of the manga was mostly one of horror and disgust, as expected with the content of such an ending. Thus, fans of bunny drop they tend to be fans of the show while denying the manga in its entirety, pretending it doesn’t exist, to the point where it has even become a joke among the fandom that there is no manga.

This is not to say that there are no outliers; some people in the fandom feel neutral or even enjoy the end of the manga. The director of the program also has his own opinion about the ending of the manga. In his interview with Anime News Network, Kamei states that he thinks it’s good that Rin and Daikichi are happy, but that he still has “some mixed feelings about it…”, which at least implies that he’s not necessarily supportive. . .

While the anime version of bunny drop was very well received and full of wholesome parenting fun, the manga was understandably received quite differently. Forcing two family members into a romantic relationship definitely soured the series for many readers. While there are still good anime series as well as live-action drama series to fondly remember, the original ending of the series is arguably the worst.

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