Cosplayers, creators and stars return to Anaheim – Whittier Daily News

WonderCon, along with, we imagine, people dressed as Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Black Panther and many other characters, returns in person this weekend at the Anaheim Convention Center.

In a three-day celebration of movies, TV, games, and, yes, comics, WonderCon 2022 might not be as sprawling as it was in 2019, when fans last gathered, but it should feel almost normal.

We combed through the weekend’s shows for any hints of what’s happening this weekend (at first glance, more comic-related panels, less TV and movie-related) and came up with a list of highlights. Here’s a taste of what’s happening at WonderCon this weekend.


Day 1 of WonderCon features panels with a variety of comic book and graphic novel writers and artists, including artist Michael Cho, whose work includes many of DC and Marvel’s superheroes, writer David F. Walker, whose credits include comics and a novel based on private eye Shaft, and writer Shannon Hale, whose works include Marvel’s “Squirrel Girl” novels.

The Behind the Scenes panel with the Borg Queen from “Star Trek: Picard” will feature actress Annie Wersching, the Borg Queen herself, and the prosthetics team that cast her as the Borg for the television series.

The fun behind the Funko! The panel looks like a must-have for collectors of wildly popular figures, while in the evening writer-director Kevin Smith will host one of his ever-popular panels.

There is also a lot of anime scheduled over the weekend, including a session with “Hayate the Combat Butler” on Friday, a race where we can’t decide if we want to hire or convert.


The second day of WonderCon includes many more TV and movie panels, including sessions on the Disney+ reboot of fantasy competition series “The Quest” and Hulu’s second season of “The Hardy Boys,” for which the streamer he sent stars Rohan Campbell and Alexander Elliot into the scam.

Comic book writer and artist Rob Liefeld, co-creator of Deadpool and Cable, has a panel on 30 years of Extreme Studios, while Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman has one of his own on Saturday.

Cannabis is now legal in California, but the world’s leading stoner comedians, Cheech and Chong, remember when it wasn’t. They will be making an appearance at WonderCon on Saturday for their first graphic novel, “Cheech & Chong’s Chronicles: A Brief History of Weed.”

And on Saturday night, in a sure sign that WonderCon is back, the annual Masquerade cosplay competition will take place.


The final day of WonderCon 2022 kicks off early with a preview of “The Bob’s Burgers Movie” during a panel that will feature most of the major voice actors from the popular animated series now making its leap to the big screen.

Later on, Shudder’s “Cursed Films” panel will present a new docuseries that explores the truth behind some of the fictional stories in popular horror entertainment.

Actor David Dastmalchian, whose roles include the goofy superhero Polka Dot Man in “The Suicide Squad,” has a panel and booth appearances Sunday to promote the return of his “Count Crowley” Dark Horse comic book series.

Sunday also features a panel titled Over 30 Cosplay: Costuming and Cosplay Advice for the Mature Cosplayer, which instantly makes some of us feel old enough that Crypt Keeper is our only possible cosplay.