Dark Horse to Publish First Berserk Manga Volume Since Kentarou Miura’s Passing in November – News

Dark Horse Comics confirmed with Crunchyroll on Monday that will release the 41st compiled volume of kentaro miura‘s crazed manga, which includes the final chapters that Miura had created for the series, in November. The volume (English cover pictured right) will go on sale in comic shops on November 9 and in bookstores on November 22. The trade paperback release will include a double-sided color poster.

This was the first volume in the series since Miura’s passing in May and the first in three years.

The manga’s 41st volume went on sale in Japan on December 24.

Previous announcements in The New York Times had indicated that the manga’s 41st volume would ship in the US and France in summer 2022. Dark Horse Comics has since set that those announcements were estimated release windows, and the actual date had to be adjusted.

The epilogue in volume 41 of Hakusensha‘s young animal The magazine’s editorial team stated that the manga’s future is still undecided. The staff also thanked their readers.

The editorial team had stated in September that there was “no information to share about the future” of kentaro miura‘s crazed manga “right now”. The statement added that the staff’s priority “will always be on him, what he would think if he were still with us.”

The 41st volume release came in both regular and special editions, the latter of which includes special canvases and a drama CD. Miura drew the canvas (photo left) that adorns the special edition of volume 41. The drama CD features the return of the anime’s cast and portrays the key “Awakening” chapter of the manga, which has never been seen in any of the adaptations. manga anime makoto fukami he also rewrote the script for the drama CD.

Miura passed away on May 6, 2021 due to acute aortic dissection. She was 54 years old. Since the announcement of Miura’s passing, creators in Japan and around the world have offered their condolences.

the crazed The manga follows Guts, a superhumanly strong warrior who wields a great sword, as he wanders through a dark medieval world filled with demons, corrupt and decadent nobles, and other horrors. Every night, he is assaulted by demons, drawn by the curse placed on him after a traumatic event. He makes his way across the world on a quest to kill a former friend turned demon, who took everything from him.

Miura published the one-shot version of the crazed sleeve in Hakusensha‘s Monthly Comicomi magazine in 1988. He launched the complete magazine crazed manga series in Hakusensha‘s monthly animal house magazine in 1989, and the series continued in Hakusensha‘s young animal magazine so far. The series has over 40 million copies in circulation. Hakusensha published the manga’s 40th volume in Japan on September 28, 2018. Dark Horse Comics published the same volume in North America on October 8, 2019. Dark Horse Comics started reprint the manga in the hardcover deluxe editions in February 2019. Each volume features three normal compiled volumes of the manga.

The manga inspired a television anime series in 1997, as well as a trilogy of anime films from 2012 to 2013. Another television anime series premiered in Japan in July 2016, and the second half of the new series premiered in Japan. in April 2017.

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