DC’s New Shazam Stuns In Comics Accurate Cosplay

Mary Marvel is set to become the new champion of Shazam later this year, and one cosplayer has recreated her in a stunning new photo shoot.

Mary Marvel, the new champion of Shazam, stuns in a stunning new cosplay with comic accuracy. The past few months have been some of the most tumultuous in Shazam history, and soon Mary will become the leader of the Shazam family in an upcoming Doc Shaner miniseries. As fans patiently await Mary’s time in the sun, cosplayer Dark Matter Cosplay perfectly recreates Shazam’s new champion in all his glory.

Mary Marvel has been a constant in almost every incarnation of Shazam. Mary is the second member of the Shazam family after her brother Billy, and it’s no exaggeration to see Mary Marvel as a precursor to characters like Supergirl and Batgirl. Recently, Shazam’s powers have failed, and as revealed last year future state, will make a deal with the demon Neron, splitting in two. Shazam, without Billy’s conscience, will go berserk and become a ruthless killer, while Billy will be trapped in Hell. DC recently revealed that Mary will become Shazam’s new champion in a new miniseries coming this summer, titled Shazam’s Champion; she is also ready to return in Shazam: Fury of the Gods. Cosplayer Dark Matter Cosplay, who regularly creates amazing photo shoots, has now taken on Mary Marvel, and the results are jaw-dropping.


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In an Instagram post, Dark Matter Cosplay publicized the shoot, expressing their excitement for the imminent release of Shazam: Fury of the Gods; the movie’s release date was recently moved up six months to December 2022. The photos themselves are stunning and show a very faithful and accurate costume from the comics, created by Sim Cosplay. The set is completed with bracelets, skirt and white boots. While the cosplay is comic book accurate, the costume also invokes Mary Marvel’s look in the movies. Shazam Fans have lavished praise on the new Dark Matter Cosplay shoot, giving it over 1,600 likes and rave reviews.

Mary has been one of the most integral members of the Shazam family since its inception, serving as its brains and heart, and her time to shine is now. Mary will ascend to the role of Shazam’s newest champion, something that has been long overdue as she helped lead the Shazam family through some of its darkest moments. The new Dark Matter Cosplay session celebrates this iconic character. Her new photo shoot perfectly recreates Mary Marvel showing off everything that makes her great. Dark Matter has tackled a number of DC icons, including Young Justice’s Miss Martian, and has outdone herself once again with this new shoot.

Mary Marvel will be in the spotlight this November at Shazam’s Champion as well as Shazam: Fury of the Godsand fans eager for more of this incredible character can look at the comics-accurate cosplay from Dark Matter Cosplay.

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Source: Dark Matter Cosplay

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