Dragon Ball Super: 10 Ways Goku Could Defeat Gas

akira toriyama dragon ball super continues to expand on the compelling storytelling that has filled the signature shonen series for nearly four decades. The end of the heroic adventures of Goku and the rest of the protectors of Earth is not yet in sight. On Dragon Ball, there are always a bold and dangerous villain Around the corner.

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Dragon Ball‘s the villains have only become more extreme and the events of the manga are currently related to the aggressive rampage of Gas, member of the Heater Force. Goku is locked in a fight with the deadly Heeter and his typical strategies continue to fail against Gas. But there are still some compelling strategies to consider.

10 Bardock’s recordings push Goku into a new transformation.

dragon ball super has headed into exciting and unprecedented territory with the reveal that Goku’s father, Bardock, previously battled powerful Gas attacks. The story currently indicates that Goku’s success against Gas will depend on his knowledge of Bardock’s past battle strategy, which appears to contain a new transformation.

Goku’s application of Bardock’s lessons could result in a more refined version of Ultra Instinct or possibly even mark the debut of something completely different. It’s very satisfying that Bardock helps his son overcome his limits, even if he does it posthumously.

9 Goku teleports to Broly for help.

Dragon Ball fans couldn’t contain their excitement when the feature film, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, officially introduced the Legendary Super Saiyan in the proper canon of the franchise. The conclusion of Broli indicates that the public has not seen the last of him and there are brief previews of his return in Dragon Ball Super: Superhero.

It’s possible that Broly’s redemption arc will extend to dragon ball super‘s manga Goku’s instant transmission relay teleports him to many powerful warriors as he bides his time. A decent strategy would be to take Gas to Broly’s location and have these two powerful Saiyans take him out as a team.

8 Perfected Ultra Instinct works together with Ultra Ego

Goku’s Ultra Instinct transformation has helped him beat opponents like Jiren and Moro, but it’s still an experimental work in progress that he has yet to fully master. More recently, Vegeta has undergone his own seismic transformation with his rage fueled Ultra Ego state.

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Vegeta reveals this new state against Granolah. Goku takes on Gas alone, but it’s possible that a true team-up between Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego will finally take Gas out. These transformations represent opposite extremes, meaning that together they can function as the perfect destructive force.

7 Goku embraces his Saiyan roots

Goku is currently doing his best to decipher Bardock’s ancient battle data to better understand how his father could have defeated this dangerous threat. A major clue to Bardock’s success has to do with Goku’s Saiyan roots and actually accepting his heritage rather than his surrogate status as one of Earth’s citizens.

Goku’s connection to his Saiyan lineage was hinted at towards the end of Dragon Ball Super: Broly and this would be a satisfactory way to continue that development. This breakthrough could bring back the form of the great apes in a new and useful way or even result in a dragon ball super variation of Super Saiyan 4.

6 Gas’s new berserker powers become too intense and take him out.

One of the biggest advantages that have turned the tables in Gas’s favor during his fight against Goku is the unbridled force that Elec unleashes on his fellow Heeter. Gas’s energy inhibitor is removed and most Heaters can’t handle this increased strength. It remains a temperamental process for Gas.

Gas is temporarily in control of his new power, but it’s possible that Elec will push him one step further to help him master Goku’s next form. This extra energy may be too much for Gas’s body or it may leave him in a paralyzed state where he is unable to fight even the simplest Kamehameha.

5 Bardock turns out to be alive and fighting with his son.

Goku continues to give it his all against Gas, but it seems that any advances in battle strategy for the Saiyan will be a result of Bardock’s past experience against Gas. Bardock’s method of defeating Gas remains a mystery. One possibility is that time travel or some procedure has left Bardock in a state of perpetual timelessness.

Goku and company have turned to Bardock’s old scout for help, but he might actually show up in person to ensure this victory. Bardock could transform into a Super Saiyan about the image of his son, Goku, so wounded by the battle.

4 Goku obtains the Heeter force to ignite the gas

Manga Dragon Ball Super Heater Force Gas Macki Oil

Dragon Ball SuperThe Heater Force is a fairly recent threatening force in the franchise galaxy. The Heeters vow to topple Frieza’s oppressive rule over space and replace the tyrant and his army through their own manipulative measures.

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Elec, Gas, Oil, and Macki are the main members of Heeter in the manga, who have already successfully brainwashed Granolah to some extent. Heaters are unlikely to ignite Gas, but not impossible. Goku and company would be able to successfully exploit the Heaters’ disloyal nature as Gas travels back to them.

3 A cured Granolah comes out like a hero

Manga Dragon Ball Super Granolah wears oatmeal points to gasoline

Gas has emerged from the shadows as the latest antagonist behind dragon ball super‘s Granolah The Survivor story arc, but this saga starts with Granolah’s destructive rampage. Granolah gradually learns that the Saiyans are his allies here, not his enemies, as they join forces against Gas.

The gas wounds Granolah with a blow that is nearly fatal, but luckily Goku’s instant transmission theater gives Monaito enough time to heal Granolah. Granolah will likely use his renewed strength to help Goku defeat Gas and cement his hero status.

two frieza becomes a hero

Frieza and Goku fight together in the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super.

The battle between Goku and Gas takes an exciting turn when Goku implements a creative use of his instant transmission. Goku’s teleportation antics lead him to several familiar faces, including the Galactic King and Whis. Usually, it would be a bad idea for Goku to teleport into Frieza’s energy signature, as he lacks his own strength at the moment.

That said, this could be the perfect opportunity for frieza to prove himself or gain some influence over the heroes. It also suits Frieza to eliminate Gas, since the Heeters are his rivals and plan to overthrow his empire.

1 Zeno intervenes for the exploitation of Dragon Ball

Anime Dragon Ball Super Zenos Clear Universe

The Dragon Balls are an incredible source of power, but they are also risky dangers when in the wrong hands. dragon ball super recently teased new consequences for the Dragon Balls, as characters like Granolah and Gas wish to become the strongest in the universe, but at the cost of a shorter lifespan.

This strategy is a bit unfair and Omni-King Zeno might decide to nullify the Dragon Balls to set an example. Zeno even has the power. to hasten these consequences due to how Gas has manipulated the scales of power and acted like a God.

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