Dragon Ball Super Proves Buu Should Have Defeated Moro

In chapter 82, Goku takes Gas to the Galactic Prison, which would have been much larger had Buu defeated Moro, as originally intended.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for dragon ball super Chapter 82!

Aside from the obvious fact that anyone defeating an enemy except Goku would have broken a stagnant trope, the current fight between Goku and Gas would have been much more interesting if Buu had defeated the villainous Moro from dragon ball superThe previous arc of as originally intended.

In chapter 82 of dragon ball superIn Goku’s latest installment, Goku implements a rather clever strategy using instant transmission to trap Gas on a distant planet, believing that the villain would not be able to follow him. One of the places he takes Gas to is the Galactic Prison, where the two interact with some minor characters from the last arc: the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga. While it’s a nice nod to older foes, this moment could have been a lot more sinister if Buu had successfully sealed Moro instead of Goku destroying him.


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During the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, Goku and his friends’ original strategy against the violent Moro was to harness the power of a god that Buu devoured when he was still a villain. Long before Goku was born, Moro was terrorizing the universe, and of the many heroes who valiantly attempted to stop the evil villain, only the Grand Supreme Kai was able to defeat him by sealing Moro, who was then imprisoned in the Galactic Prison. Since Buu later devoured the Grand Supreme Kai when Majin was still evil, it is currently theorized that Buu could harness the power of the Grand Supreme Kai to seal Moro once more. But unfortunately it became clear when Buu started fighting Moro that he didn’t possess that sealing ability since he had transferred to Evil Buu in Dragon Ball Z. As a result, the story finally fell back on an old formula where Vegeta helped Goku destroy Moro for good.

In other words, since Grand Supreme Kai is the only being capable of sealing Moro away and Buu couldn’t harness that power, then the only way to defeat the villain was for Goku to completely destroy him. And by completely destroying him, Goku made it impossible for Moro to be imprisoned in the Galactic Prison for obvious reasons. If Buu had somehow found a way to seal Moro away during the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, then the villain would likely have been stored in the Galactic Prison like he was when Grand Supreme Kai defeated Moro originally. This would have created some major implications in the current saga as Goku eventually teleports to that same prison with Gas. Instead of Goku and Gas conversing with lesser prisoners as they do in chapter 82, Goku would most likely have found their arrival at the prison disconcerting, knowing that Moro, who had been sealed by Buu, was imprisoned there, at the same time. realize that Gas could have done it. exploited in some way. Of course, this is not to say that Gas should have somehow unsealed Moro at that point if Buu had sealed Moro, but this alternative, or any alternative, would have been better than the embarrassing spectacle that actually transpired there.

That said, it would be disingenuous to ignore the enormous progress that dragon ball super has been taking recently to connect older myths with the present. This scene is undoubtedly one of those moments, but it’s one of the most ineffective examples, especially since this connection only serves to remind fans of what could have been. The initial idea of ​​connecting Moro with Buu was actually quite inspiring, but the delivery didn’t work out and this latest chapter now proves it. Buu should have been first introduced at the end of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga as a successful last resort or revised at a later point somehow identifying a loophole within the Evil Buu enigma. And this should have happened not only to make Buu the hero that saves the day, but also to reintroduce Moro later on in dragon ball super.

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