Dragon Ball Super sends Piccolo undercover in the preview of a new superhero

Dragon Ball Super releases new details and images of Piccolo’s attempt to infiltrate the Red Ribbon Army in the latest film in the series, Super Hero.

Dragon Ball Super: Superhero revealed new details about the story of the upcoming film.

The official Dragon Ball website has published new images of a scene in Super Hero where Piccolo tries to go undercover in the Red Ribbon Army. The scene was originally presented at the AnimeJapan 2022 exhibition, which was held in Japan from March 26 to 27. In the new scene, Piccolo disguises himself in the uniform of a Red Ribbon Army soldier and attempts to infiltrate one of his bases. The uniform conveniently includes a mask and helmet that allow the Namekian fighter to hide his green skin, antennae, and pointy ears. According to the site, the new outfit was designed by series creator Akira Toriyama, though the film’s director Testsuro Kodama gave it some tweaks.

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The preview also explores some new details about Piccolo’s house, which will be shown on screen for the first time during the film. The residence features Namek-style architecture and reveals that, despite his antisocial attitude, Piccolo still wants to keep in touch with his friends, as he has a registered mailing address and a mailbox set up outside Piccolo’s house. he. The house is covered with a pearly sheen, like Super HeroThe new CG computer-animated art style has allowed the series’ artist to add a new depth to the images by considering the materials each object is made from.

Piccolo was confirmed to play a major role in the film earlier this year, when it was revealed that the film would focus on the relationship between him and his original martial arts student, Gohan. Piccolo will debut a new transformation in the film, whose name is currently being translated as the “Unlocked Potential” form, which gives the Namekian warrior a new golden color scheme and supposedly a boost to his fighting power. Meanwhile, Gohan will go back to wearing the Piccolo-inspired purple gi and white cape that he wore during Dragon Ball ZThe Cell Saga.

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Unfortunately, the movie preview does not provide a new release date. The film was previously scheduled to open in Japan this April, with a North American release planned for this summer, but those plans were postponed indefinitely after the Toei Animation hack that occurred on March 6. The animation studio’s private networks were hacked by an unauthorized third party, which has since caused significant delays to several of the company’s anime projects. In addition to Dragon Ball Super: Superherothe premiere of new episodes of One piece and Digimon: Ghost Game It has also been put on pause without it being known yet when they will return.

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Source: Dragon Ball Official Website

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