Dragon Ball’s Forgotten Heroes Return and Prove Super Has a Legacy of Its Own

Goku employs his Instant Transmission technique in battle, leading to a continuity parade that celebrates some of Dragon Ball Super’s biggest moments.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Chapter 82 of dragon ball super

While Dragon Ball has been around for decades at this point, it may come as a surprise to some fans to realize that dragon ball super has been running for almost 7 years on its own, an achievement for any individual manga series, no doubt. chapter 82 of Super takes a moment to celebrate his own contributions to the franchise’s long-running legacy, reminding fans how much the world of Dragon Ball has grown.

dragon ball super debuted in June 2015, making its most recent chapter, chapter 82, just a few months before its seventh anniversary. While chapter 82 keeps its focus on the current arc, pitting Goku against the Heeters’ last warrior, Gas. Goku’s surprisingly clever tactic to deal with Gas involved teleporting from planet to planet using Instant Transmission, drawing Gas away from the injured Granolah. Instead of just jumping to random locations, however, Goku becomes fixated on the presence of people he knows, like Jaco, leading to a cavalcade of cameos dating back to nearly every arc in Super.


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Goku’s first warp takes him to the location of Calamis, a member of the Galactic Patrol who first appeared during the Moro arc. The next jump takes him to a city, where the arbiter of the tournament between Universes 6 and 7 is shown. With Gas a few steps behind, Goku jumps to the location of Monaka, Beerus’ fake ultimate warrior from the same arc. Monaka dumps an entire truckload of waste on Gas, slowing him down even more, and Goku’s next warp takes them into a bathtub, where the Galactic King is washing himself. His next stop is the Galactic Prison (from the Galactic Prisoner Saga, naturally), where several prisoners who recognize Gas are being held. From there, Goku transfers to a ship piloted by Irico, another galactic patrolman, until he finally ends up at the location of Beerus’ angel assistant Whis, who shares a snack with the Oracle Fish who first told Beerus the legend. of the Super Saiyan God.

Although Goku could have simply jumped from one place to another, it’s well established that instant transmission is easier to use when the user can connect the life force of someone they’re familiar with, so this trail of cameos makes sense in the universe. However, he didn’t have to visit these particular characters; he could have easily passed through Frieza’s fleet or visited the new planet Namek as simple fanservice. Instead, each character he visits played a part in dragon ball superThe story of specifically, turning this gimmick of his into a look back at the series’ contributions to the Dragon Ball universe.

The chapter concludes after Goku has returned to Cereal, so it’s probably the end of the Saiyan tour for dragon ball super history. It is a reminder of how Dragon Ball it’s continued to change over the years, expanding into an ever-expanding cosmos, and makes an interesting contrast to the chapter content surrounding Bardock, which has been officially redefining the nebulous canon around Goku’s father.

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