Dragon Ball’s Weirdest Joke Is Too Mature-Rated For Anime

After Goku finally defeated one of the scariest villains he faced in the manga, Dragon Ball told a joke that was too R-rated for the anime.

Fan favorite manga series Dragon Ball It is known to have some scenes that are too inappropriate for younger audiences, although the manga’s most inappropriate joke (one involving the main hero of the series Goku) is too R-rated for anime.

On dragon ball super Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou Chapter 67, Goku, Vegeta and the rest of the Z-Fighters of Earth are celebrating after Goku successfully defeated the doomsday villain Moro. previously in Dragon Ball, Moro merged his body with Earth after absorbing Ultra Instinct’s angelic power and his physical body proved too weak to contain it. By becoming one with the planet, Moro could disperse that energy throughout the world while also linking his life to the world’s, meaning that if he dies, so does Earth. Goku, however, discovers that Moro’s entire life source was stored in a gem in his forehead, and all he would have to do is destroy it and Moro would die while the world would remain intact. Goku completed this mission perfectly, and by doing so, he earned the favor of everyone in the cosmos.


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One of those who wished to offer his gratitude was the Galactic King, an octopus-like alien who rules over the Galactic Patrol. When Goku first launched his attack on Moro, it was after he was recruited into the Galactic Patrol, so technically throughout this run, Goku himself was a cosmic police officer. Because he stopped Moro, the Galactic King himself offered Goku a medal, and in his excitement, Goku vigorously shook one of the Galactic King’s tentacles in gratitude. While Goku thought that the tentacle he grabbed was some kind of hand, the Galactic King asks him: “You’re grabbing my garbage on purpose, aren’t you…?Goku inadvertently grabbed the Galactic King’s genitals and in doing so gave the manga a penis joke with matching visuals.

This Dragon Ball joke is too mature for anime.

A dirty joke is one thing, as there are many even in content aimed at children as a bit of humor for parents that will surely go over a child’s head, but this one is a little different. Due to the phallic aspect of the tentacles, it appears that Goku is doing exactly what the Galactic King says he is doing. While Goku has done this once before in the DBS anime, it wasn’t made as obvious as here.

The inappropriate joke and the image that combines it make this panel too much for the target audience. the Dragon Ball Anime has always had elements of maturity, even in the early days of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, but they were always watched by children as anyone who currently or even previously followed the series would attest. children have always seen Dragon Ball even if it’s not specifically aimed at a younger audience, and show directors know it. So when the next season of dragon ball super is finally out and the Moro saga really comes to life it would be shocking if this scene between Goku and the Galactic King makes the cut, as it’s too much of a PG-rated joke. Dragon Ballanime of

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