Emma Frost & Cyclops Cosplay Shows Amazing X-Men Powers

In a stunning collaborative cosplay creation by @patloika and @judahtalion, Emma Frost and Cyclops’ powers come to life in stunning detail.

In the world of x-men, Emma Frost and Cyclops are two of Krakoa’s most powerful and important mutants. In a new cosplay, the recurring and recurring romantic interests are given a stunning look that shows off both of their abilities. In a joint cosplay featuring an incredible image of @PatLoika and @judahtalion, Emma Frost and Cyclops strike a powerful pose recreating a classic Marvel Comics cover of Amazing X-Men.

Emma Frost, her debut in The Strange X-Men #128 by Chris Claremont and John Byrne, began her early adventures as the enemy of the X-Men and the White Queen of the Hellfire Club. However, in the New X-Men by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, the telepath and diamond shapeshifter joined the superteam where she had an affair with Cyclops. Frost would become an important voice on the X-Men while being part of a love triangle with Cyclops and Jean Grey. On Krakoa, she is one of the founding members of the Silent Council of Krakoa – and was the main force behind the Hellfire Gala, a celebration of the mutant with non-mutants visiting paradise on an evening featuring high couture and drama.


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On his Instagram account, @patlokika shared his X-Men collaboration with @judahtalion, which pays homage to the cover of Amazing X-Men #2 by John Cassaday. Featuring cosplayers @odfel as Emma Frost and @twoacross106 as Cyclops, the image recreates the X-Men’s cover pose and presents a new look at their powers. However, Cyclops and Frost wear their looks from marvel now storyline, as both are darker takes than their usual costumes. Frost can be seen in his diamond form, while Cyclops fires an X-shaped blast from his visor.

@judahtalion’s post-production work really brings the X-Men cosplay together, as the red background, energy blast from Cyclops’ eyes, and Emma Frost’s diamond skin look fantastic. As usual, @PatLoika’s photo work is top-notch, as the pair combine to create an image that would fit on the cover of an X-Men comic book. Cyclops, in particular, has Alex Ross vibes in the way the image is edited. @odfel and @twoacross106 are great real world replacements for Frost and Cyclops, respectfully.

When it comes to cosplay costumes, photography, and photo editing, it’s hard to beat the overall excellence of Cyclops and Emma Frost. x-men cosplay above. The looks are striking, the pose is awesome, and the added special effects make her stand out immediately.

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