Episode 12 – My Darling in Disguise

Because the fan service and the cosplay perceptions are often My dear in disguiseThe biggest attention grabbers of, aside from being some of the main things the show trades on, I was genuinely surprised when it decided to end on a note that doesn’t encompass any of those things. Instead, this episode consolidates My dear in disguise like a romance about two characters coming into their own all the time, and while I think the show could definitely have done this more as an earlier focus, it’s still one of the best season finales one could hope for.

In terms of narrative progression, not much happens in this episode. We don’t really see many of the other characters that we were introduced to outside of the main duo, and cosplay It’s barely mentioned apart from one or two small talking points (my favorite is the scene towards the beginning where Gojo is unaffected by a horror movie because he’s focusing so much on things like makeup and costume design). This is just an episode about Gojo and Kitagawa living the last days of their summer vacation, spending time together, and strengthening the foundation of their relationship that has been slowly building up to this point. We have scenes of Kitagawa overcoming herself and needing to rely on Gojo to help keep her stable, and it’s clear that Gojo appreciates Kitagawa for taking her to experience things she never had the chance to experience. It’s not like there was really anything stopping her from experiencing these things on his own, but this child had become so accepting of his loneliness because of his childhood trauma that he probably came to the conclusion himself that he would never be able to. be a part of it. of social gatherings like that. So Kitagawa not only goes with him to the festival, but also casually mentions that they will do more things together next year means a lot to him, and those quiet moments when he just looks at the scenery or appreciates the beautiful ball of energy that rolled into his life genuinely moved me.

I mentioned a couple of reviews ago that I almost didn’t want these two to get together too quickly even though Kitagawa realized his feelings for Gojo early on as I think the characters needed to come to terms with how they see themselves before be ready. commit to something like a romantic relationship. This episode was definitely a step in that direction, as Gojo begins to appreciate and accept the fact that he no longer needs to be alone, while Kitagawa continues to rely on Gojo for support and understanding. I love both of these characters and look forward to the day I can see them come together as equals. For all the unabashed hotness and some questionable and borderline problematic practices that the show tackles, you will never convince me that My Dress Up Darling is heartless. It may take some time to get it, and some may feel like it’s not worth trying to find in the first place, but that heart was strong enough to carry me through to the end of the show and also consider it one of the best slice of life anime. I have seen in a while.


My dear in disguise It is currently streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation.