Every giant centipede monster and how they died

One-Punch Man is home to several monsters, including at least four variations of the giant centipede. This is what they were and how they died.

As a parody manga that pokes fun at superhero and shonen tropes, One Punch Man houses a large number of unique monsters. The series knows how to have fun with its characters, sometimes even drawing inspiration from other well-known manga, such as Vaccine Man and Marugori. But one type of monster gets a lot of attention and affection from ONE writer and artist Yusuke Murata.

The giant centipede monster has appeared in One Punch Man from the early stages of the story and persists to the present, with the latest iteration being the main antagonist of recent releases. So far, four giant centipede monsters have been introduced; as his name and appearance improve, so does his power. Unfortunately, all of them have already met their demise. This is how each of them died.

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Centikohai was split in two by Metal Bat

Centikohai in One-Punch Man

Centikohai is the first giant centipede monster to debut in One Punch Man. Along with Venus Peopletrap, she attempted to kidnap the son of the Hero Association’s sponsor. But before the giant centipede could do so, Metal Bat took out the Venus Peopletrap, leaving Centikohai in two parts. With his dying breath, Centikohai told Metal Bat the story of his life.

Centikohai used to be a normal centipede, but repeated molts allowed it to grow to an abnormal size, leading it to believe that it was at the top of the food chain. However, his demeanor changed after meeting the next giant centipede monster.

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Even Centisenpai was no match for Metal Bat

Centisenpai in One-Punch Man

Centisenpai made her dramatic debut exactly when Centikohai mentioned her name. Unlike his junior, Centisenpai is fully armored and boasts a four meter wide body. That’s not to mention his human face, perched on his centipede mouth. Although Centisenpai is leagues above Centikohai, the poor monsters also fell to Metal Bat’s bat.

Metal Bat immediately battled Centisenpai after his fight with Centikohai. While Venus Peopletrap supported Centikohai, Centisenpai had Lafreshidon. Metal Bat initially traded blows and held his own against the two Demon-level monsters, but fell under Lafreshidon’s hypnosis gas. Centisenpai used this opportunity to hit Metal Bat, who eventually hit his bat and came out of the gas effect. He then killed both monsters, with one hit each.

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Centichoro was killed by Saitama’s Serious Punch.

Although Centichoro is much stronger than his two smaller brothers, he is more stoic and less detailed. The giant centipede monster first appeared after Centisenpai’s death, and demonstrated his armor’s defensive prowess when Metal Bat’s baseball bat was thrown after hitting his shell.

Centichoro appeared once more during the “Monster Association” arc to rescue Garo, but instead came to an end. Bang, Bomb, and Genos got into a fight with him, but the trio were unable to eliminate the monster due to his repetitive molting and regenerative abilities. Just as Bang was about to sacrifice himself, King tricked Centichoro into attacking him. Saitama, hiding behind King, finished off the monster with a Serious Punch.

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Centisennin met his end at Garou’s hand

Garo splitting Centisennin in One-Punch Man

Centisennin is the latest giant centipede monster to arrive One Punch Man. The monster appeared after Garou defeated Platinum Spermatozoon and claimed to have emerged to destroy the fist that opposed God. Unfortunately, that very fist caused his demise.

Centisennin launched an attack on a helicopter filled with humans, and an unlikely team of Garou and Metal Bat took on the giant monster. After a couple of trades and buffs, Garou snatched the regeneration core from the centipede. The Hero Hunter tossed it into the atmosphere. When Centisennin chased after him, his body turned into a straight line. Garou stepped on the monster’s body and finished it off with a hand strike.

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