How Dr. Stone’s Senku Became In The Batman Of Shonen Anime

dr stone is an edutainment anime series that takes place in a Stone Age of the far future where human civilization rusted away long ago, giving in to a primitive world of stone and the rule of the strong. However, the protagonist Ishigami Senku has other ideas. As a hopeful shonen hero, he is confident that he can take back civilization and usher in a better future.

In general, Senku has little overlap with more traditional shonen heroes, such as the rubber pirate Luffy or even the sorcerer Itadori Yuji. Instead, dr stoneThe protagonist of is more like the Batman of Shonen, without the gothic themes or the personal angst. Senku is a merciful, resourceful, law-oriented hero who fights brutal villains with brains instead of brawn, making him worthy of any DC comic book title.

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How Senku built his own family of bats in Dr. Stone

dr stoneSenku has many striking parallels to the Dark Knight, even if their personalities, settings, and backstories differ greatly. In fact, Senku is not only a surprisingly accurate anime analog for Batman, but he even has his own family of bats: a group of trustworthy friends who work together to help get the job done right.

To begin with, Senku recruited the curious “wizard” Chrome, who soon became his enthusiastic apprentice scientist, similar to Batman, taking Jason Todd/Robin as his partner. Like Robin, Chrome is largely content to play a supporting role, although she sometimes enjoys showing off his inventions, including recreating 21st century devices without even realizing it. Senku then recruited his own Catwoman, the agile warrior/hunter Kohaku, who is personally loyal to him but also committed to her own cause. In this case, Kohaku has strong ties to her home village of Ishigami and her older sister Ruri, the village priestess. In the same way that Catwoman is Batman’s ally and lover at times, Kohaku helps Senku whenever she can, though their relationship is largely platonic.

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Senku, like the Stone Age Batman, also has his own Lucius Fox: the elderly craftsman Kaseki, who can build just about anything. In the same way that Lucius helps Batman buy or create new weapons and gadgets, Kaseki helps Senku by expertly crafting items like glass jars and thin strands of gold wire, and indeed Senku wouldn’t have gotten very far without him. the. Batman is an expert in using his tools, but even he can’t invent it all by himself.

Ultimately, Senku brought all of these allies together in his own bat cave, his Kingdom of Science, with his own flag. This isolated miniature kingdom was kept separate from Ishigami Village and Tsukasa’s Empire of Might, which could be considered Gotham City. Senku is committed to uniting all people under his banner of justice to create a better future, but he can only do so if he keeps his distance and can work secretly. Every hero needs his own bat cave.

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Ishigami Senku as Batman in Dr. Stone

Many facets of Senku’s character and various scenes or instances in dr stone clearly establish him as the Batman of modern shonen. He is a cunning inventor who relies on brains rather than brawn to defeat his powerful enemies, and shares Batman’s sense of mercy and compassion. Neither of them will take a life for any reason, and they don’t much like deadly weapons either. Both are stubbornly optimistic that they can defeat their bloodless enemies to create a better future for all, whether in the Stone Age or Gotham City, and this has inspired others to join them with the power of friendship. .

Recruiting Chrome as his own Robin and Kohaku as Catwoman, Senku quickly built his own bat family, especially when Kaseki joined the team and, later, the entirety of Ishigami Village. However, it was not easy; Senku had to fight his own Bane more than once, such as the bully Magma and certainly Tsukasa, and had to use his Batman-esque wits and inventions to win the day without brute force or bloodshed. . He and his “family of bats” defeated Magma to make Senku the chief of the tribe, and that in turn allowed Senku to administer medicine to the grieving Ruri.

The stone wars began later, and Senku reinvented walkie talkies and flash-bang grenades to make up for his team’s lack of strength against Tsukasa’s own forces. In fact, the dr stone The protagonist even created a steam-powered car with bamboo weave tires as a battering ram, thus creating his own Stone Age Batmobile to win the day. That’s a bat Man anime moment if ever there was one.

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