How Mai became a girl again and how old is she really

A veteran character from the original Dragon Ball, Mai returned as a child in Dragon Ball Super. This is how it happened and how old she is she really she.

In 2013, the Dragon Ball gave Trunks a new love interest in the form of Mai. However, in dragon ball super, it is shown that the two grew up together and developed a strong bond. That initially seems healthy, but there’s one thing fans can’t help but ask: Mai’s actual age.

In truth, Mai is a much older adult than Trunks; a wish in the Dragon Balls turned Mai into a girl Trunks’ age. But his actual age is a bit harder to answer, especially considering how the timeline works in dragon ball super. Determining Mai’s actual age will require an understanding of Dragon Ball‘s timeline, and where Mai falls into it.

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Mai’s first given age comes from Dragonballz the battle of the gods. Before the events of the movie, the Pilaf Gang used the Dragon Balls to restore their youth, but they became too young and became children. Despite that, when she is asked about her age, Mai offhandedly replies “41 in March”. Because Battle of the gods takes place in 778, approximately four years after the Buu Saga (Age 774), Mai’s presumed birth year is 737.

The peculiar thing about Mai’s given age is that she is roughly the same age as Goku. At this point in Dragon Ball continuity, Goku was also supposed to have been born at Age 737. Despite that, when they meet at Age 749, Goku looks no older than 12, which adds up, while Mai looks no younger than Bulma. of mid adolescence. It’s possible Mai was lying about her age, and she’s actually a bit older than she’d like to admit.

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dragon ball super makes this question even more difficult to answer. Unlike the movie, this series picks up just a few months after the Buu Saga. While Mai’s comment about being 40 doesn’t appear in the anime, if it’s true at this point, then it’s more believable that she’s older than Goku (who should only be 37 at Age 774). In any case, it’s safe to assume that, chronologically, Mai is in her thirties to forties or forties at this point. As for Mai’s age as a “child”, she’s probably close to Trunks’, if not a bit older.

When introduced at this age, she is shown to be slightly taller than the boy. That changes by the time of Future Trunks, but it’s more likely due to the difference in how boys and girls develop with regards to height. If this is true, then Mai must be at least 12 years old for Age 778.

This is supported by a bonus chapter of the DBS manga from 2016. In this chapter, the Pilaf Gang is shown wishing they were younger around the time Trunks was a baby. They themselves are turned into babies by desire. Assuming this part of the anime and manga continuity line, it shows that Trunks and Mai are roughly the same age.

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It’s worth noting that despite their physical ages, neither Trunks nor Mai look older, even though whole years have passed. Trunks appeared to be 8 years old from Age 774. This makes sense in that year as he actually was 8 at that time. However, by the time of the Tournament of Power (Age 780), he should be at least 14 years old. Even Trunk’s story, which also took place in Age 780, he knew that Future Trunks looked older based on his apparent age. Regardless, Trunks and Mai are still cute and marketable for DBS.

Whatever the cause of Trunks and Mai’s enduring youth, it must be assumed that they are roughly the same age after Mai’s regression. She starts off at what she should be in her early forties, but regresses to around 8-12 years old due to a desire for the Dragon Balls. This is true whether Trunks and Mai met in Era 774 or Era 778. This doesn’t explain why they still appear to be between 8 and 12 years old in Era 780, but they do. At least, Dragon Ball Super: Superhero looks like it will finally make these two look as old as they should be.

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