Japan’s number one cosplayer Enako shows us her cosplay costume room【Video】

A room so large that it looks more like a warehouse.

For many cosplayers, earning a steady income from cosplay is the ultimate dream. A woman who lives that dream is 27 years Samewho has earned the nickname “Japan’s number one cosplayer” due to the huge crowds she draws at events and her enormous income, which is around half a million US dollars a year..

However, it takes a lot of work to be the number one cosplayer in the country, and Enako recently shared some of what it takes to run her business. in a recent video on the Business Drive YouTube channel.

In the video, Enako opens the door to what is described as a “costume warehouse”, though Enako humbly refers to it as a “costume room,” which her office looks after for her. She says that she hasn’t counted all the costumes in the room, but she estimates that there are around 400-500all carefully packed in clear boxes.

you can take a look at Enako’s Costume Warehouse in the keyed video below. Although the video does not have English subtitles, you can automatically generate a translation by clicking the gear icon on the playback bar.

Some of the main takeaways from the video are the fact that Enako is a huge fan of Baki the Fighterand she proudly describes herself as an otaku who likes to cosplay for funeven outside of work. He also talks about some of the less glamorous aspects of his profession, saying he gets his fair share of horrible comments from strangers online and have been harassed on the internet in the past.

Yet what pushes her through the dark times, it’s his love for otaku work and content. And that love shines through in the way she models her costumes, which thankfully are kept safely in her dressing room.

▼ According to Enako, there is even a room in the back, which did not appear in the video, where wigs and molded items such as swords and staves are kept.

People online were in awe of Enako’s collection, saying:

“Wow, it’s such a big space!”
“This is incredible!”
“It’s like an Ikea warehouse!”
“What an amazing tour of the room!”
“Everything is arranged so perfectly!”

“How revealing to see behind the scenes of a professional cosplayer!”
“It’s like a theme park! I want to buy an annual pass!”
“Her annual income is huge, but it seems like the cost of costumes, room rental, style maintenance, filming costs, etc. They’re also huge.”

It’s interesting to take a look into the world of the country’s best-known cosplayer and see the work that generates her sky-high income. Although now that Enako is making a name for herself in the world of gravure modeling, her latest outfits are much smaller, so they won’t take up much space in her wardrobe closet.

Source: YouTube / Business Boost! via Otakomu
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