Jessica Nigri’s Ranni from Elden Ring cosplay is turning heads

Cosplayer Jessica Nigri’s Ranni the Witch-inspired Elden Ring cosplay has taken social media by storm and even received praise from developers.

Cosplayer and Youtuber Jessica Nigri amazing ranni the witch inspired elden ring cosplay has drawn attention online. Ranni the Witch cosplay will no doubt become popular as time goes on, as evidenced by the fact that others have also brought the famous NPC to life. Players first meet the character in-game as Renna, then learn more about her true identity and ambitions during subsequent encounters. So far, Ranni’s questline seems to count as a fan favorite.

Developer FromSoftware and publisher Bandai Namco released the title on consoles and PC just over a month ago, offering an open world. souls experience that attracted a larger audience. Suffice it to say that the masses were captivated by the experience, so much so that elden ring managed to turn over 12 million units after about three weeks of availability. It shouldn’t be surprising, then, that elden ring continues to sweep the internet.


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Having previously cosplayed characters like Mortal Kombat, borderlandsand assassin’s Creed, Jessica Nigri latest creation brought to life elden ring Ranni the witch. Nigri shared a photo of her Ranni cosplay over the weekend, showing off a look that even incorporated the witch’s signature blue skin and four arms. Of course, social networks have showered the cosplayer with praise, even with the official elden ring Twitter account taking note of Nigri’s incredible work. Take a closer look at Ranni’s cosplay in the linked tweet below:

The attention to detail in Jessica Nigri The cosplay is amazing to say the least, as if Ranni herself was transported from the digital world to the real world. From the costume to the four arms, this particular effort will no doubt be long remembered. And, hopefully, Ranni doesn’t mark Nigris’s final foray into elden ring Intermediate Lands.

elden ring It hit stores just over a month ago, but players have already expressed their desire for even more content. This is especially true as hackers and modders have come across cropped content that suggests elden ring it almost featured PvP arenas and a detailed bestiary. Whether or not FromSoftware intends to pursue post-launch DLC remains a mystery, but it’s clear that the studio and its publishing partner intend to explore the IP in other entertainment mediums at some point.

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elden ring It is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: jessica nigri, Ring of Elden/Twitter

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