Kickstarter Funded Dirty Pair Anime BD Release To Feature Original Music And Effects Track For OVA Dubbing – News

right things Y nozomi entertainment‘s Kick starter crowdfunding campaign for an English dubbed Blu-ray Disc release for the dirty pair The 1985 television anime announced on Friday that it has found the original music and effects track for the dirty pair anime in original video (EAST). The release will include both a new English Bend with the original music and effects, as well as ADVThe original version of with its music and effects recreated.

ADVIt is original Bend featured the company’s own music and sound effects because the original track had been lost when it first licensed the anime back in the 90s. The missing music and effects track made it difficult Bend the anime because the Japanese voices were trapped on the only existing audio track.

The Kick starter page stated that the discovery of the music track and effects for the original dirty pair television series is what made the campaign possible.

The campaign ended successfully in November, raising a total of $731,406 from 3,303 backers. The campaign has financed all the stretch goals.

Both pamela lauren Y Jessica Calvello will reprise their roles as Kei and Yuri for the new Bend.

right things Y nozomi entertainment describe the anime:

In the 22nd century, humanity may be technologically advanced, but there are still some problems that can only be solved by a couple of women who won’t back down from a fight! These are the adventures of Kei and Yuri, two official problem consultants for the World Welfare Works Association (WWWA) who use their brains, strength, and looks to solve any problem. They call themselves the “Charming Angels”, but because their solutions often result in chaos and mass destruction, they have been dubbed the “Dirty Couple” by the rest of the universe!

For Kei and Yuri, no two missions are the same. As the WWWA’s top troubleshooters, they take on all kinds of odd jobs, like chasing treasures in high-tech ruins, fighting political assassins, and even avenging the death of…a plaster statue? In the end, only one thing is certain: everything that stands between these two and victory will be destroyed!

The projects Kick starter the page says that right things Y nozomi entertainment will use 75% of the funds raised for dubbing, production expenses and authorization of acquisition rights. The project will use 15% of the funds for the production of materials, media and packaging; and use 10% of the funds for overhead, working capital, fees to run the project on the platform, royalties, and staff costs.

RetroCrush Y Crunchyroll began streaming the anime in the United States and Canada on October 1.

anime suits haruka takachihoseries of science fiction comedy novels of the same name, with illustrations by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko. The series began in 1979, and the eighth novel in the series, dirty pair no daichō yakushipped in 2018 as the first novel in 11 years.

In addition to television anime, the novels also inspired an anime film, as well as several American video, manga, and comic projects. The title duo made their first anime appearance in 1983. Crusher Joe: The Movie.

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