Kid Mister Knight Cosplay Recreates Moon Knight Posters And It’s Adorable

Oscar Isaac has some competition for the title of cutest Moon Knight, as a little boy dons a perfect Mr. Knight cosplay before the show’s premiere.

next marvel moon knight gets a kid-friendly twist when a young cosplayer suits up perfectly as Mister Knight. The next Disney+ show on Marvel Studios’ ever-expanding slate is moon knight, starring Oscar Isaac as the titular hero. The limited series has been in the works since 2019, when Marvel boss Kevin Feige announced it at the D23 convention. Isaac was cast in late 2020 and production took place last year. moon knight it also stars May Calamwy and Ethan Hawke as Arthur Darrow, the main villain; the series premieres at the end of March.

Of many ways, moon knight is a first for the MCU. It’s hands down the darkest Disney+ series to date, and its main hero, Marc Spector, is a new kind of character for the franchise. Marc has dissociative identity disorder, which means he has multiple personalities living inside of him. moon knight so far it has focused more on Steven Grant, a museum employee who suffers from strange memories and dreams he can’t remember. On top of all that, Marc and Steven have been blessed by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu, who has given them some of his powers in order to fight crime.


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Even Marc’s Moon Knight form has a unique look, from his main white caped suit to the proper Mr. Knight design. It’s this latest costume that has gotten a pretty adorable recreation courtesy of You Don’t Know Jack, a social media account that showcases the perfect little boy cosplays. Mister Knight’s white suit and glowing eyes may intimidate Isaac, but here, they can’t help but inspire awe. Check it out below.

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Fans may remember this account for its suicide squadCosplays inspired by Rick Flag and King Shark from last summer. Marvel projects always inspire creative fan work and costumes, and moon knight so far is no exception. With the distinctive white suit, this is a character that lends itself well to careful home recreations. It seems likely that there will be plenty of Moon Knight and Mister Knight cosplays once the series hits Disney+.

moon knight it could inspire as much cosplay as any other MCU project, but this Disney+ show promises to be one of a kind. From Marc’s different personalities to the darker themes found in his story, moon knight is about to take the MCU in a new direction. Marvel has been tight-lipped about everything the series has in store, but its premiere in just over a week means it won’t be long before audiences discover the truth behind Marc and his complicated life.

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moon knight premieres Wednesday, March 30 on Disney+.

Source: You don’t know Jack/Instagram

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