League of Legends cosplayer channels the Void as the deadly Kai’Sa

League of Legends’ mysterious daughter of the Void, Kai’Sa, has always been one of the most popular ADCs in the game, and a cosplayer has brought her to life in this spectacular LoL outfit.

As League of Legends’ extensive roster of champions continues to expand with the release of Zaunite Chem Baroness Renata Glasc, sometimes you stick to what you know is best.

As Zeri continues to slide down the bot lane with Renata Glasc supporting her from afar, many ADC players are still flocking to Kai’Sa, the daughter of the Void, whose unique potential makes her increasingly deadly the stronger she gets.

To show the underrated markswoman some love, French cosplayer shikarakumi (Kumi) has recreated the volatile huntress in an outfit so spectacular you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a 3D render.

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Kai’Sa survived the adversities of the Void through sheer force of will. Would you like to face her?

League of Legends Kai’Sa cosplay is absolute perfection

A five-year League of Legends player, Kumi’s passion for Riot’s hit MOBA stems from her love of its colorful cast.

“The league champions are absolutely amazing,” he told Dexerto. “I think the work of the artists who did all the artwork in the game is greatly underrated. The LoL universe is so rich and complete, everything is so detailed. Champions are unique and all have different personalities, abilities, and forms. I admire digital art and Riot has a really amazing digital art group! Did you see Arcane? If you didn’t, you MUST see this masterpiece!”

He chose Kai’Sa because “she’s a very interesting character,” noting that the huntress “came from the Void, the darkest of places, so she’s not afraid. She is a powerful woman.”

Calling the character “absolutely beautiful,” Kumi’s take on the iconic ADC is equally impressive. Sporting Kai’Sa’s lilac Void skin and glowing facial markings, dark violet hair billows past her shoulders. However, all eyes are on the fearsome Void symbiote that is welded to the back of his suit, as these creepy protrusions have been masterfully recreated.

“I always create my cosplays with a digital part,” he says. “So, to get a more realistic Kai’Sa, I used Photoshop to add the 3D digital sculpture of Samuel Martins (I found his work on ArtStation!) that was done for the Season 12 cinematic.”

Infected by both the Void and her love of League of Legends, Kumi’s LoL cosplay journey won’t end here.

“I have a long checklist of female LoL characters I’d like to dress up,” she confesses. “I already made Irelia, Katarina, Yuumi, Ahri and Kai’Sa in their dragon skin! Some of them look old now that I’ve made some progress with the editing work, so I might as well make the most recent versions of them!

Either way, all eyes are on Kumi as she continues to bring some of Runeterra’s most famous faces to life. However, if this stunning Kai’Sa is anything to go by, she’s definitely proven herself to be the hunter and not the prey.