Luffy’s Thunder God Attack, Raizo’s Detailed Plan, and More

Additional One piece Chapter 1046 spoilers have been released ever since the initial scant spoilers came out. These additional One piece The spoilers for chapter 1046 detail exactly what Raizo’s plan is, as well as dedicating a few pages to Luffy versus Kaido.

Unfortunately, due to the removal of leaker Redon, fans are not getting the full detailed recap that they would normally get on the Wednesday before a chapter. However, these additional spoilers provide enough detail to show the core of what One piece Chapter 1046 covers.

Follow along as this article breaks down these One piece Spoilers for chapter 1046 in its entirety.

One piece Chapter 1046 shows Raizo’s plan with Jinbe’s contributions, Luffy’s big attack on Kaido.

One piece Chapter 1046: Additional Spoilers

As previously reported, One piece Chapter 1046 is titled “rootand focuses primarily on the samurai and his yet-to-be-revealed plan. With these additional spoilers, his plan has finally been revealed and it makes sense and he’s incredibly smart.

The spoilers for the issue start by specifying how fans have already seen Raizo store things within his scrolls. His specification of the times he used it in Kaido’s Boro Breath and Zunesha’s bath water seems to imply a flashback of these two events.

The spoilers continue, saying that Raizo has had an idea in his mind ever since Oden Castle burned down twenty years ago. He wanted to be prepared in case he ever found himself in a similar situation again. The spoilers then specify that water from one of his scrolls (potentially Zunesha’s) has now flooded the interior of the castle.

Jinbe, who rescued Raizo from burning to death, controls the water and moves it throughout the castle like a sea current. The spoilers then specify that One piece The first page of Chapter 1046 is a cover, however details are not yet available. The next five pages then spotlight Luffy against Kaido, with the next nine focusing on those in the castle.

Sanji and Zoro are apparently seen in one panel each within the length of those nine pages. The former appears to be speaking, while the latter is still being carried by Franky and is simply not speaking or is still unconscious.

The spoilers also emphasize that one page shows Momonosuke and Yamato arguing about “clouds of flame.” This is most likely a reference to Kaido’s clouds of flames, which make Onigashima fly, as when he falls unconscious, they disappear and cause Onigashima to crash to the ground.

#ONEPIECE1046 #spoilers New leak: At the end of the chapter, the clouds of Kaido that raise Onigashima have begun to fade (Yamato and Momonosuke began to notice). The island about to fall.

Apparently, in the final page of Chapter 1046, Luffy is seen catching lightning and attacking Kaido with it. The spoilers emphasize that he seems to be a “God of Thunder” here, while Kaido laughs and says “go ahead”, or something similar. This Luffy attack is yet to be named and sadly the series will be on hiatus next week.

in summary

Luffy is yonko level and what can all yonkos do?… create natural disasters 🔥🔥#ONEPIECE1046

In general, the One piece The spoilers for Chapter 1046 are pretty exciting considering where the Wano arc is at right now. Luffy versus Kaido is the only major fight left, and it seems to be ending pretty quickly. This issue addressed the other big conflict, which was the reality of Onigashima Castle burning to the ground.

An update on Sanji, Zoro, and others throughout the castle is also nice, and really gives readers the feeling that the arc will soon be over. The Wano arc has been amazing so far and seems to be cementing itself among the best arcs in the series in its closing moments.

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