Lynda Carter Praises Incredible South Asian-Inspired Wonder Woman Cosplay

Original Diana Prince actress Lynda Carter praises the amazing South Asian-inspired Wonder Woman cosplay by beauty vlogger Deepica Mutyala.

Lynda Carter Praises Some Incredible South Asian-Inspired Wonder Woman cosplay Carter is best known for her role as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman on the live action television series that ran on ABC and CBS from 1975 to 1979. As probably the most recognizable female comic book character of all time, she has there have been several other live characters. -Action incarnations of Wonder Woman over the years, many not as popular as Carter’s.

The current incarnation of the Amazon Princess, Gal Gadot, has certainly come closest and has arguably surpassed Carter as the most recognizable Wonder Woman. She first appeared on the big screen in 2016. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and reprized the role for a critically and commercially successful solo outing the following year. Gadot reprized the role again for League of Justice the same year, followed by a solo sequel, wonder woman 1984 in 2020, both of which were not as well received. The latter, however, saw Carter make a cameo appearance during a post-credits scene as Asteria, a legendary Amazon warrior who previously donned the Golden Eagle armor and now lives among humans.


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Now, lynda carter praises beauty vlogger Deepica Mutyala’s South Asian Wonder Woman cosplay. On Twitter, the original Diana Prince actress praised the amazing cosplay and encouraged Mutyala and others to continue sharing what Wonder Woman means to them. Check out the cosplay and Carter’s response below:

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What’s amazing about Mutyala’s cosplay is how she was able to replace nearly every aspect of Wonder Woman’s costume with a different Desi style while still being instantly recognizable, including armbands instead of her wristbands, a maang tikka instead of her tiara, and a sari to replace her cape. Because Carter is the ultimate Diana Prince in the minds of many fans, it’s refreshing to see her praise other interpretations of her coveted role. When Gadot, who is Israeli, was initially cast in 2013, there was a significant backlash from fans that soon dissipated, though Carter has been behind her since day one as a supporter and mentor to her.

Gadot and Carter are now set to star together in wonder woman 3which was given the green light quickly after 1984The reception is regular. Details about the third installment have been scant, though it looks like Carter will return as Asteria in a supporting role alongside Gadot. This will bring the past and the present. Wonder Woman actresses together on the big screen, reflecting a recent trend popularized by Marvel’s Spider-Man: No Way Home what will continue with DC’s The flash in 2023.

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