Magneto & Mystique Cosplay captures the villain’s most iconic looks

In a great Marvel Comics X-Men cosplay by cosplayers @graciethecosplaylass and @Bootlegstark, Magneto and Mystique pose.

The X-Men universe in the pages of Marvel Comics is filled with great mutant heroes and villains, but few are as iconic and well-recognized as Mystery Y magnet. Magneto and Mystique get comedic looks that bring the characters to life in stunning new cosplays worn at this year’s Wonder Con 2022 by @graciethecosplaylass and @Bootlegstark. The impeccable cosplays detail both villains to perfection.

Magneto, Marvel’s master of magnetism, debuted alongside the X-Men in his first issue of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee’s Marvel Comics in The X Men #1. Originally a villain who ran the Brotherhood of Mutants, Magneto pushed for mutant supremacy in a world that often shunned the species. In time, the magnetically manipulating mutant would become an anti-hero of sorts, fighting alongside those he once fought, joining the team in their mutant haven on Krakoa. Mystique, created by Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum, first appearing in mrs wonder #16, he is a shape-shifting mutant who could take on the appearance (and voice) of anyone he wanted to transform into. Like Magneto, Mystique has fought against and for the X-Men during her 50+ year history in comics.


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On Instagram, photographer @miketuffley shared his snapshot of @graciethecosplaylass and @Bootlegstark at Wonder Con 2022, where cosplayers rocked amazing looks of Magneto and Mystique from the X-Men. Magneto’s look is superb, as he is a comical costume with an epic helmet that is enhanced by the use of black mesh and white eyes to really emphasize the villain’s expression. Meanwhile, Mystique wears her classic white outfit, complete with long gloves, boots, and a skull-shaped belt.

@graciethecosplaylass shared a close up of her Mystique cosplay from Wonder Con, showing off the incredible detail and makeup that went into recreating the villain’s look. From her blue skin, golden eyes, red lipstick, and golden skull on her forehead, the cosplayer nails the ensemble, as she is without a doubt Mystique. Click the post to see more looks (shot by photographer @ben.beethoven) of the stunning X-Men cosplay, where you can see Mystique’s full look.

Mystique and Magneto aren’t the easiest of looks to recreate, but with the cosplays seen at this year’s Wonder Con 2022, @graciethecosplaylass and @Bootlegstark managed to show off the detailed look of both X-Men villains with the Marvel Comics recreations featuring comic book accuracy. magnet Y Mystery they look great and the cosplays show the immense talent the two cosplayers have in bringing them from the page to real life.

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Source: @miketuffley – Instagram

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