Miles Morales Cosplay Proves That His New Spider-Man Suit Deserves Respect

In 2021, Miles Morales debuted a new suit to commemorate his 10th anniversary. Now cartoonist and illustrator Devaun Dowdy has brought it to life.

a cosplay of Miles Morales’ The newest costume shows just how epic this one is Spiderman may appear While Miles’ new suit has had some hesitant fans, illustrator and cartoonist Devaun Dowdy doesn’t hesitate to show his love for the suit. His cosplay is absolutely amazing.

Miles debuted his new suit in September 2021 at Miles Morales: Spider-Man #30. The look was designed by Chase Conley and has had a mixed reception among fans. The design is Miles’ second predominant costume in ten years and was part of the hero’s 10th anniversary celebration. Miles has taken on the role of Spider-Man and is a fan-favorite Marvel hero, so it’s no surprise that his newest suit is hitting the cosplay world.


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On Twitter, Devaun Dowdy shared her cosplay of the new suit and it’s awesome. The various images from the comic’s creator GRIN show different poses of the character while showing different angles of the suit. This homemade suit looks amazing and really shows the potential it has outside of the comics. This cosplay is excellent and might encourage other fans to bring it to life as well. Miles fans finally have more options to show their appreciation for this Spider-Man.

The five shared photos show the outfit in various action poses. One even includes an effect from Miles’s spider-sense. The set is really amazing, even the matching shoes. All the details are finely captured with the straps along the side of the legs and the coloration of the gloves. The hoodie also has the revamped Miles symbol. The colors of the suit design pop when off the page, making it really eye-catching rather than allowing him to blend into the night like his old suit might have. Miles Morales is turning heads with this look and this Spider-Man cosplay shows that he has earned it well.

Miles has been sporting this suit since its debut in 2021 and it shows no signs of stopping. While the reception has been mixed, Miles has stuck with it and comic book fans who like it are standing up and showing off what they love so much. Dowdy’s cosplay proves to be a visually striking design that suits this Spider-Man’s tastes. Some of the action shots also make it seem like it’s not as practical an issue as some comic book readers initially thought it might be. He also looks great against a city backdrop. This is Devaun Dowdy’s first cosplay and Miles Morales I would be very proud to see what your Spiderman costume has inspired.

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