My Dress-Up Darling Fan Creates a Cosplay Starter as Marin Dresses Up as Shizuku

The cosplay-focused hit of the season, My Dress-Up Darling, inspires cosplay of its own when a fan dresses up as Marin by dressing up as Shizuku-tan.

a new My dear in disguise The cosplay features a fan dressed as Marin, who is in turn wearing a costume of her favorite video game character, Shizuku.

A cosplayer’s cosplay comes from Arisa Chan, a professional model and costume maker from Hong Kong currently residing in Tokyo. Arisa plays the breakout character for the winter 2022 anime season, Marin Kitagawa, in the first costume that series lead Wakana Gojo created for her. recent episodes of My dear in disguise They’ve shown the amount of thought, planning, and hard work that Gojo puts into the costumes she creates, and the costume made by Arisa shows a similar level of effort, with delicately embroidered details on Marin/Shizuku’s dress and a precisely tailored wig. .

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Additional images of Arisa’s Shizuku costume can be seen on her Instagram profile, where they have also dressed up Marin in her standard school uniform. The cosplayer has also portrayed a variety of other popular anime and video game icons, including various characters from Genshin Impact, as well as numerous Hololive Vtubers.

My dear in disguise has quickly become the surprise hit of the winter 2022 anime season, and the character of Marin Kitagawa has become especially popular since the debut of the anime adaptation. The character has already become a popular muse for cosplayers and fan artists alike, and even the staff on the anime adaptation, including animation director Jun Yamazaki, couldn’t resist sharing their own art of the character online. their personal Twitter accounts.

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The show tells the story of Wakana Gojo, a shy young man who has dedicated his life to the craft of creating traditional Japanese dolls known as Hina. Gojo’s shy nature and offbeat hobby have caused him to spend most of his adolescence without making a single friend, but everything changes when he meets Marin Kitagawa, an outgoing and popular girl who is also an obsessed otaku who doesn’t know. sorry. with anime and video games. Marin pushes a reluctant Gojo to help her achieve her dream of dressing up as all of her favorite characters, and the two begin an unlikely friendship as they bond over their respective passions. The series is based on a manga created by author and artist Shinichi Fukuda, which was first published in 2018. The television adaptation is being produced at animation studio CloverWorks (Tokyo 24th Ward, Horimiya). The anime is being simulcast on Crunchyroll and Funimation. The original manga is available in English, both in print and digital formats, from publisher Square Enix.

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