My Dress-Up Darling Season 1’s Biggest Unanswered Questions

My dear in disguise was the biggest premiere anime of the 2022 winter season. Now that it’s over, fans are looking forward to a bright future for anime, further confirmed by the final moments of the season.

This fairly faithful anime adaptation has stayed true to the manga, and as the source material continues, there’s no doubt that a season 2 is already on the horizon. Before an official announcement is made, here are some burning questions fans of the show want answered in the upcoming season.

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Will Gojo accept his feelings for Marin?Love Hotel My Darling Dress Up

In general, throughout the season, Marin quickly realized that she had feelings for Gojo. Her post-credit scenes even include her confessing her feelings to a sleeping Gojo. However, Gojo has yet to fully realize her feelings for Marin, either internally or externally. It’s pretty obvious that he has feelings for her, but her numerous internal monologues are mostly lamenting the way he’s acting towards her and don’t explain why that is. Fans are hoping that Gojo will learn to identify her feelings and thus be able to tell Marin how he feels. Will the events of the Love Hotel episode ever be addressed?

The penultimate episode was simply too exciting to pick up, but it looks like Gojo and Marin did exactly that, much to the disappointment of many viewers. For the burgeoning couple, it was the closest physical interaction they’ve engaged in thus far, however by the next episode, it was apparently swept under the rug as just another fluke. Will fans see how that scene affects their relationship?

Will Juju play a more prominent role?

Dress Up Darling Juju Phone

After the events of the successful group cosplay, Juju and her sister Shinju were nowhere to be found in the last two episodes of the season. Admittedly, many fans were concerned that they might intrude on the progress Gojo and Marin were making as a couple, so it may have been the right choice to focus on just Gojo and Marin to close out the season. What will their roles be like in the upcoming season? Juju expressed her love for Gojo costumes, so there is no doubt that she can ask for another cosplay. Will we see more sisters in costumes in season 2?

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Will Gojo and Marin confess their love?

My Dress Up Darling Episode 12: Gojo asleep and Marin saying I love you

Oh yeah, the “will they or won’t they” trope of rom-coms: the age-old question. Marin has been sure of her feelings ever since they went to the cosplay event together, stating that she “wants” him. However, Gojo takes longer to realize her own feelings for her despite the obviousness of it all. Still, Marin has been hiding her feelings from Gojo and only declares her love for him in secret or when he can’t hear, just like she did in the season finale. Who will confess first and will this happen in season 2?

Will Gojo leave his isolated life forever and make more friends?

Gojo works on Marin's cosplay in My Dress Up Darling

It’s admirable to witness Gojo’s coming-of-age transition from locking herself in doll-making to making friends. Still, Gojo only has three friends, and they are all women. Although this is standard for a harem anime, fans agree that it would be great to stay within the romantic comedy style and keep the romance going with Gojo and Marin. Gojo definitely needs friends his age, but can he find friends who will accept his love for hina dolls?

What will be Marin’s next cosplay?

Marin Kitagawa My Dress Up Darling

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to this question. As Marin has said and Gojo has noticed, he has a lot of favorites that he plans to dress up. Much to the delight of both Marin and cosplayers who dress up as Marin herself, each cosplay will be a new adventure as fans get to witness Gojo and Marin square off.

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