Naruto Cosplay Finally Gives Tsunade and Jiraiya a Happy Ending

A couple of great Instagram cosplayers recreate Tsunade and Jiraiya from Naruto in a loving embrace that shows a world that could have been.

The Sannins are naruto‘s three most legendary Shinobi, a fan-favorite team consisting of Jiraiya, Tsunadeand Orochimaru. Her story is tragic and heavily influences the story and progression of the three main characters, but a new cosplay finally gives Tsunade and Jiraiya a moment to be happy together.

On naruto, the three ninjas start out as childhood friends training with the third Hokage just before the second shinobi war. Jiraiya shows feelings for Tsunade, but they are never openly reciprocated. The triad serve in the war and eventually split up shortly after its conclusion. Orochimaru is banished after performing heinous experiments, Tsunade gives up the ninja life and leaves the village, and Jiraiya raises the orphans found during the war. Years later, tragedy strikes when Jiraiya is killed by the now-adult orphans he raised and mentored after the war.


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However, a cosplay shows them in their happiest days. The cosplay features Instagram users mmmaniaaa and kbt_ta1 as young Tsunade and Jiraiya, respectively, embracing in a field of sunflowers. Photo credit is given to a user known as mian; maybe this could be Orochimaru taking a picture of his two best friends and capturing the moment forever. Both Tsunade and Jiraiya are smiling, something rarely seen in the former. Overall, it’s a very happy cosplay and makes one wonder what could have been for the characters.

In this photo the somber tone that usually accompanies any of the three Sannin has gone. As mentioned above, Tsunade and Jiraiya are smiling, but Jiraiya’s smile is noticeably bigger. This makes sense since he was the one who first had feelings for Tsunade, after all, and now he’s quietly enjoying the fact that he was able to get her. If the true story of naruto followed what this cosplay represents, then everything could have ended differently. For example, the combined efforts of Tsunade and Jiraiya could have prevented Orochimaru from turning evil, or the orphans could have had a bigger fight on their hands, having to fight not one, but two of the legendary Sannin. The different potential outcomes are a discussion for another time, but for now, it’s best to savor the happy moment just like the Sannin cosplayers.

Jiraiya and Tsunade deserve better than what they went through in naruto and this cosplay proves it. The details of the youthful character designs are accurate and kbt_ta1 does a great job of replicating Jiraiya’s mischievous smile. This cosplay gives Tsunade, Jiraiyaand possibly Orochimaruthe happy ending everyone deserved.

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