Naruto cosplay shows that Hinata was always the best female ninja in the series

Naruto fans often debate which of the female ninjas in the series is the best, and a new cosplay has just proven that Hinata deserves the top spot.

One of the reasons of naruto The runaway success is its rich and varied cast of fighters, including its many capable female ninjas. While fans will forever debate who among these kunoichi is the strongest or the best in a fight, a new cosplay has just proven that Hinata deserves more recognition than she gets.

Hinata is easily one of the most important supporting characters in the series. As a member of the prominent Hyūga clan of Hidden Leaf Village, Hinata faces great pressure from his family. Because she was the eldest daughter of the main family line, she was forced to undergo harsh training from a young age, something she often did not do well at. That, combined with her lack of trust, made her cousin Neji very sorry for her, as she felt that she did not deserve the role of heir to her. Despite these difficulties, Hinata found companionship with her teammates Kiba and Shino in Team 8. Most famously, Hinata has always had strong feelings for Naruto, eventually leading to them having a family together by the time of Naruto. boruto. While her meek demeanor makes her easy to overlook, a new cosplay perfectly captures what makes the character so unique.


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Now, a new cosplay from Instagram user kameaam shows Hinata in the outfit she most prominently wore during her appearance on The last: naruto the movie. Between the wig, the white contacts, and the outfit, kameaam absolutely fits Hinata’s look from this particular era. However, more than just looking good, the cosplay artist perfectly captures Hinata’s personality. Hinata’s characteristic shyness is manifested in both her facial expression and her hand gesture. fans of naruto and cosplay seem to agree that there is something special about this exhibit, as it has already racked up over 32,000 likes on Instagram in just one day.

One thing the cosplay does an expert job of highlighting is just how unique a fighter Hinata is. Far from being loud and boisterous like her husband, or calm and collected like Sasuke, Hinata is quiet and unsure of herself. This sets her apart from many of the other female ninjas in the series, who are mostly more obvious about her incredible fighting skills. In a series based on larger-than-life fights and overflowing emotions, it’s refreshing to see someone as strong as Hinata being so timid. It is this calmness and uncertainty that is seen so clearly in kameaam’s cosplay and makes it such a great representation of Hinata.

Hinata is a ninja who is easy to overlook at all times. naruto, but cosplay like this prove that the character still serves as an inspiration for many. Kameaam’s cosplay really captures the essence of of naruto Hinata in a way that is instantly convincing.

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Source: Kameaam

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