Naruto: What is Haku’s gender?

Although Haku’s gender in the early chapters of Naruto may seem ambiguous, a firm answer is given about youth in the anime and manga.

like the story of naruto developed, more and more now classic characters were introduced. These include the bushy-browed Rock Lee, as well as the villainous Orochimaru. However, one character that was brought in and quickly removed was Haku. This underling of Zabuza was part of one of the franchise’s earliest arcs, but many fans continue to ask about the gender of the mysterious Haku.

Haku is incredibly soft-spoken, and due to the character’s appearance, even Naruto isn’t sure what to make of the situation. Despite this confusion, Haku’s gender is clearly established in the manga and anime. Here is what gender the young ninja belongs to.

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What is Haku’s gender in Naruto?

Haku and Zabuza

The “Prologue – Land of Waves” arc was one of the first to naruto, directly preceding the Chunin Exams. The central villain of this saga was Zabuza, a ninja who wielded a gigantic sword. Serving alongside him was the much dimmer Haku, who was also much less masculine in design. Thanks to this, combined with a soft voice and a kimono, many mistakenly assume that Haku is female. Naruto even mentions this, stating that the girl he meets is even prettier than Sakura.

Haku, however, is not a girl, but a young man. She makes this clear to Naruto, who then states her attraction to the aforementioned boy. From that point on, any confusion about Haku’s gender has been cleared up, and she is firmly known as a boy for the rest of her short life.

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What is the origin of Haku in Naruto?

Haku from Naruto

Before accompanying Zabuza, Haku was a boy who lived with his parents in the Land of Water. Unfortunately, this happy domestic existence soon came to an end when it was revealed that Haku had inherited a kekkei genkai, or bloodline trait technique. An example of this includes the classic Rasengan and Sharingan attacks. The ensuing conflict led to the death of Haku’s parents, and the orphan was left with the wayward Zabuza.

There’s nothing about this origin that really explains why Haku is so feminine in appearance or voice. This is accentuated by some of the clothing she wears, which is vibrant and pink. To be fair, softer features and voices would definitely be more common in the East for males, especially for someone as young as Haku. Sadly, he didn’t live much longer after Naruto met him, dying to defend his friend Zabuza. Both were later revived by Kabuto, though these were mindless zombies without the personality of who they once were. Since then, the delicate-looking young Haku has never been seen again.

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