Naruto’s Most Heartwarming Scene Only Exists For One Heartwarming Reason

Naruto’s heartwarming reunion with his deceased parents wasn’t simply a plot point, it was a reflection of an uplifting real-life experience.

One of the most important aspects of naruto it was the fact that Naruto was an orphan. He shaped his personality and influenced his desire to be the best. Consequently, he was a bit surprising that in naruto The creator of issue 504, Masashi Kishimoto, would change everything by making Naruto meet his parents. For some fans, the change was seen as a filler to cover up or disguise the lack of creative content that the years-old series would experience from time to time, however, that is not the case.

Interestingly, the reason behind introducing Naruto’s parents into the story has nothing to do with the plots and story arcs, and has everything to do with Kishimoto’s personal life. In an exclusive 2012 interview with Shonen Jump Alpha, Kishimoto reveals the events and actions he experienced that influenced his approach to telling Naruto’s story. For Kishimoto, his art mimics his life, especially when it comes to Naruto and his parents.


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In the interview published in English via Viz, Kishimoto discusses how connected his personal life is to his manga. For example, he admits how listening to music can affect this art. For example, if music makes him sad, his artwork will reflect the sadness he felt. I mean, he’s not very good at compartmentalizing his work and his personal life. Kishimoto goes on to explain that when he started naruto he was young and single. Naturally, having no experience of being married or having children, he didn’t have a great deal of experience to draw on and reflect on in the story. However, as a result of the manga’s longevity, Kishimoto underwent a number of personal changes, including her subsequent marriage and the birth of his child. Kishimoto has commented on how his wife has influenced narutobut an equally influential personal experience was the birth of his son.

Naruto meets his mother, Kushina.

Whereas before it might have been impossible for Kishimoto to accurately portray a father-son relationship with Naruto, after the birth of his son, he had a daily source of rich content to tap into. As Kishimoto explains, the experience of being a husband and becoming a father “directly influenced Naruto’s story” as it gave him a “different perspective” on life and the things that are most important in life. These life changes affected how Kishimoto conceptualized Naruto and how he wanted the public to view Naruto as well. This led him to become interested in reflecting his personal parenting experiences in the manga, as well as his son’s reaction to raising him and his wife. Without a doubt, as Kishimoto makes clear in the interview, “Naruto represents a little bit of me and a little bit of my son.”

So contrary to what some fans may perceive as impersonal plot development, the reality is that narutoThe touching reunion with his parents was the result of Kishimoto’s very personal and heartfelt experience of becoming a father and his subsequent desire to express how he and his wife feel about their son, and how he has responded to their loving care.

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