Naruto’s Otsusuki vs Dragon Ball Saiyans: Which is superior?

The Otsutsuki Clan and the Saiyans are two highly recognizable races of naruto and Dragon Ball. Both are known to destroy planets, are arrogant, and have many legends and conflicts throughout their respective series.

Naturally, fans of both series have speculated who would win if these destroyers of worlds ever made contact: the methodical and cunning Otsutsuki Clan or the barbaric and destructive Saiyans?

Both naruto and Dragon Ball make good cases for each race.

Note: This article contains spoilers for the entirety of Naruto and Dragon Ball. It is also only the opinion of the author. Only canon information is allowed. Unless the movies are canon to their respective series, there is no information or characters from the movie.

of naruto Otsutsuki vs. Dragon Balls Saiyan

The Otsutsuki Clan

The Otsutsuki are a mysterious race of beings from beyond the stars, predating the events of naruto. As the progenitors of chakra, the Otsutsuki have traversed planets, planting divine trees to reap their fruits and then moving on to the next as the divine trees drain the life from the worlds to sustain themselves.

The Otsutsuki can fly, rewind time, teleport, and create tools capable of cutting through anything. They can also open up different dimensions, kill through ash bones, shrink and grow things, make balls of energy on par with a spirit bomb, and even have secret immortality techniques.

They should not be taken lightly. Kaguya was the true final boss in naruto shippudenand worse still, Otsutsuki keeps appearing in boruto. Protagonists tend to have to get creative to defeat them, either by combining attacks or using techniques that would otherwise kill them (see Baryon Naruto Mode).

While the Otsutsuki are very powerful, which makes them truly terrifying (especially in everything boruto) is your intelligence. Rather than brute force their way into solving a problem, they prefer to use subterfuge and deception to achieve their goals.

Kidnapping, possession, dimension hopping – it’s all legal for them.

The above tricks are often necessary as some are very powerful but not very long lasting.

Momoshiki, for example, needed constant revitalization from chakra pills and fruit to continue their lifespan. Isshiki used Jigen’s body parasitically and tried to jump to more hosts due to him almost dying from his wife Kaguya’s betrayal.


Saiyan race of Dragon Ball is one of the most iconic and powerful races in the entire series. They already possess great strength as children, if Kid Goku takes down the Red Ribbon Army in the original. Dragon Ball is some indication. In adulthood, with proper training, they can destroy planets.

Saiyans can fly, teleport, are very durable, fight for hours if not days without rest, have the Great Ape transformation that turns them into giant apes during a full moon, and gain strength after recovering from battle. The aforementioned destruction of planets is also a feat that applies to cities.

Although Saiyans are capable of all of these feats, not all of them end up performing them. Goku’s mother retired during the destruction of Planet Vegeta, Broly’s father was a scientist, and there were engineers, scouts, and whatnot. The formidable royal warriors became members of the Frieza Force.

Super Saiyan legend and transformation status would be effective, but so far only 11 Saiyans out of the hundreds if not thousands that have existed have done so. The main character, Goku, is a Saiyan, so there’s a lot of development of the Saiyans as a race throughout. Dragon Ball Z and dragon ball super.

All Saiyan Race share weaknesses: they can’t breathe in space, they can still get sick and die from them, powerful enough punches and/or slashing techniques can cut their skin like Destructo Disc, for example, it cut Nappa’s cheek , and their lust for battle often overrides any sense they may have.

Who is superior?

This is a very loaded question as it depends on which character is fighting which character. If it’s Goku or Vegeta around dragon ball superIt’s a Saiyan victory.

Goku would want to compare power, and Vegeta would relish the chance to show off. Both trained under who can destroy planets with their fingernails.

If it’s a general Saiyan vs Otsutsuki fight, like a planetary invasion, then it becomes interesting. The first took over ten years to eradicate the Tuffles, as seen in Dragon Ball Zand he only gained that because of the full moon.

The Otsutsuki have used the moon for Infinite Tsukuyomi in naruto shippudenwho outpowers the Saiyans and/or keeps the fight at a distance.

However, Saiyans are more brutal and are encouraged to fight at close range, and Otsutsuki generally don’t do well at close range. Unless you’re talking about very close range techniques like All Killing Ashbones or sending Saiyans to other dimensions, it’s a Saiyan win if the fight goes on too long at close range.

Another problem is that Saiyans are cocky, incredibly militant, and proud to the point of foolishness. They hate to see injuries and weaknesses of any kind and are generally stubborn, like Dragon Ball Z shown many times with Vegeta and Goku.

This backfires for them when they underestimate opponents.

As demonstrated in Naruto Shippuden and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, the Otsutsuki are colder and more calculating. They may think three or four moves ahead, but the Saiyans win due to their reliance on chakra fruits and God trees.

Saiyans are better only because they don’t depend on external factors but on internal strength. That didn’t save them from annihilation through Frieza, but the survivors have gone beyond Frieza and become godlike beings.

The Otsutsuki would likely be considered very tough challengers, with karma providing near immortality.