New Ms. Marvel Cosplay Proves The MCU Is Thinking Too Much About Kamala’s Costume

In a couple of @EvilCleverDog’s Ms. Marvel cosplays, both sides of the hero are shown ahead of the long-awaited MCU debut.

Warning! Possible spoilers for mrs wonder in the MCU below.

The next generation of Marvel Comics heroes is about to arrive in the MCU and, ahead of Kamala Khan’s long-awaited debut, @EvilCleverDog brought mrs wonder to life with a couple of fantastic cosplays. In costume, the cosplayer perfectly captures Kamala Khan, both in her superhero ensemble and her more casual hero look.

Despite only first appearing in comics less than a decade ago in 2013’s Captain Marvel #13, Ms. Marvel has quickly become one of the most popular Marvel Comics heroes in modern comics. Created by G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona, Sana Amanat, Gene Colan, and Jamie McKelvie, the Pakistani American inhumane captured readers’ attention almost from the get-go, as she became Marvel’s first Muslim heroine to have her own ongoing series. . Kamala Khan’s powers include the ability to stretch her body and limbs in a unique shape-shifting manner. Ms. Marvel, with a different power set, will soon make her MCU debut, in an updated costume, in her eponymous Disney+ series, where she will be played by newcomer Iman Vellani, who will reprise the role at a later date. on The wonders.


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On her Twitter account, cosplayer @EvilCleverDog shared her thoughts on the iconic Ms. Marvel costume designed by Jamie McKelvie before the heroine’s debut in the MCU. The cosplay features the best details of Kamala Khan’s superhero look as, like the original burkini-inspired outfit in the comics, it’s blue with a gold lightning strike right in the middle. Additionally, Ms. Marvel has her grandmother’s modified gold bracelet on her left arm, her eye mask, and of course, a scarf inspired by her hero, Captain Marvel. . The cosplayer gets bonus points for the Captain Marvel phone case. The photos were taken by @IamFaramon.

@EvilCleverDog also shared a more casual Ms. Marvel cosplay seen in the pages of Marvel Comics, as Kamala Khan’s t-shirt and jeans ensemble comes to life on second look. You can expect to see both looks (or at least variations of them) in the MCU soon, though her main costume has been redesigned a bit in live action.

Ms. Marvel is a beloved heroine whose upcoming adventures will see the character in live action for the first time. So seeing Kamala Khan jump from Marvel Comics to the MCU is incredibly exciting for readers and fans of the character. You can bet there will be plenty more cosplays to come soon in the future as a non-comic audience learns about the hero as well. However, we think this mrs wonder the look is pretty perfect.

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Source: @EvilCleverDog- Twitter

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