Power Girl and Harley Quinn Cosplay Recreates DC’s Most Underrated Duo

Harley Quinn and Power Girl come together in a fantastic DC Comics cosplay by @alyssahope_ and @novembercosplay recreating a classic cover.

In an epic new cosplay that recreates a great harley quinn Y power girl cover, DC’s most underrated duo comes to life with a comedic look that does justice to both heroes. @alyssahope_ and @novembercosplay teamed up for a perfect recreation of a fantastic Amanda Conner cover for DC Comics, showcasing both heroes’ personalities as Harley hides behind the super-powered Justice Society hero while making a hilarious face. Power Girl is not very impressed.

Power Girl and Harley Quinn may not seem like much of a duo at first glance, but the characters have teamed up for an extremely fun miniseries from Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Stephane Roux. The comic, which ran from 2015 to 2016, continued the adventures of Harley Quinn’s ongoing series, where the antihero tricked Power Girl into believing that she is the perfect partner for the Kryptonian hero. The pair would embark on a hilarious comedic adventure, which cemented the unlikely team as one of the most entertaining and underrated duos in comics. The pair would cross paths again Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey from DC Comics, where their friendship is still intact.


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On their Instagram account, @novembercosplay shared their joint cosplay with @alyssahope_, where the pair recreated an iconic Amanda Conner cover from the Harley Quinn and the Power Girl miniseries. The photo (taken by @tyamivice) is an excellent adaptation of the cover, as Harley Quinn strikes a worrisome pose as she clings to Powergirl, hanging from her back like a backpack. Meanwhile, Power Girl is probably used to shenanigans, as she simply accepts that Quinn has climbed on top of her in an effort to stay alive. Given Power Girl’s bulletproof nature, it’s hard to blame Harley for using the Earth-3 version of Supergirl as a human shield. Check out the DC Comics cover and cosplay of the underrated duo side by side.

The costumes work completely, even with the slight differences from the original cover. It’s clear that @alyssahope_ and @novembercosplay are both Harley Quinn and Power Girl, and their expressions help make the cosplays even better as they embody the characters. The cosplays perfectly capture Conner’s art style and vibe, which is the highest compliment we can give him.

Hopefully someday Power Girl and Harley Quinn can join in the Harley Quinn: Animated Series or a live action version of the characters because the odd couple work too well together not to be seen on the big or small screen. The cosplay shows do an excellent job of bringing the underrated duo from harley quinn Y power girl to the life.

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Source: @novembercosplay – Instagram

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