Songbird Cosplay Proves The Avengers’ Dark Replacements Deserve MCU Fame

Twitter cosplayer FlorenciaSofen represents herself as Marvel’s songbird, a reformed villain turned hero who has a long history with the Thunderbolts.

In a new live-action cosplay, the Marvel character Singing bird and his sound-based powers come to life as he soars over a city. With the ability to manipulate sound energy into physical constructs, Songbird is a reformed villain and former member of the Thunderbolts. This cosplay proves that this dark version of the Avengers deserves to be adapted for the big screen.

Melissa Gold began her superpowered career after running from a troubled past and joining a wrestling group known as the Grapplers. Earning very little money, the Grapplers took shady side jobs from the Roxxon Oil Company, which outfitted them with power suits. Melissa then joined the first iteration of the Thunderbolts, where she took on the name Songbird. Since then, she has committed crimes as a minor villain, and it wasn’t until she began working with Hawkeye that she began to reform.


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A new cosplay shared on Twitter by user Florence Soffen recreates Songbird as the hero she will become. One shot in particular focuses on showing off Songbird’s blue and white outfit, while pink sound energy glows in the background. The other shot is an action shot, imagining Songbird flying high over a city with power building wings. Sofen often dresses up as major comic book characters like Phoenix, Captain Carter, and Jane Foster’s Thor, to lesser-known manga and video game characters. Her portrayal as Songbird perfectly sets up what an MCU iteration of the character would look like.

Songbird has an extensive history with the Thunderbolts, having served on multiple iterations of the team. Most recently, he rejoined the team to rescue the Winter Soldier, who was the leader of the Thunderbolts at the time. Although successful, it resulted in disaster for the team and Songbird hasn’t been around in the comics since. However, with a new team on the horizon, she could soon reappear as a veteran Thunderbolt. Writer Jim Zub is pitching a new Thunderbolts story, this time with Hawkeye leading the team. Given Songbird’s history with Hawkeye, as well as her last appearance at Zub’s hands, there’s a good chance she could show up again to help the new team.

Florencia Sofen does an amazing job with her Songbird cosplay. She helps bring this obscure comic book character to light, helping to familiarize fans with her as the comics gear up for their newest version of the Thunderbolts, and the MCU seemingly builds its own iteration of her. If only, Singing bird you will be given what is due.

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Source: Florence Soffen

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