Soul Eater: 10 Things You Miss Just Watching The Anime

the Soul Eater Anime was a massive part of many fans’ childhoods. showed a Unique pseudo-gothic aesthetic and a power system that felt refreshingly new. The animation was clean and exciting in an innovative way. However, despite its popularity, the anime had a rushed ending that failed to capture the awesomeness of the manga.

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The manga diverges from the start, taking the story in interesting directions that the anime never touched. Fans who have only seen the anime have a limited understanding of the Soul Eater science.

10 Maka has an angelic soul (and she can fly)

Soul Eater Manga Maka

At Soul Eater In the anime, Maka is occasionally depicted as having a winged soul during her various fights. This is further elaborated in the manga when she learns that she is known as Grigori. A Grigori is an incredibly rare soul type that is said to appear in only one in fifty million people.

With this soul type, Maka gains the unique ability to sprout angel wings and fly. The flight process is incredibly difficult and requires the use of a deadly scythe.

9 Stein was arrested for murder

Soul Eater Manga Stein Arrested

Anime fans know Professor Stein as the Kakashi for Soul Eater students. He was a powerful meister with the ability to match the wavelength of any weapon, making him one of the most versatile fighters in the world.

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Anime fans also know that Stein suffered from insanity as the series progressed. But in Volume 10 of the manga, Stein’s madness went much further than ever before in the anime, raising suspicions that he may have been responsible for the death of a DWMA staff member.

8 Joe Buttataki was a human lie detector

Soul Eater Manga Joe Buttataki

Soul Eater Fans were introduced to Joe Buttataki after the BREW arc. Anime fans were told that Joe Buttataki was a techie and that he would be running a secret project for Lord Death. This would eventually be revealed to be a mechanism that allowed all of Death City to move.

However, in the manga, Joe Buttataki’s real prowess was in lie detection. The character served as an interrogator investigating the recent suspicion of a mole at the DWMA facility.

7 Crona killed a baby bunny

Soul Eater Crona Bunny

Crona is one of the saddest characters ever Soul Eater. His quirky personality and his tragic backstory caught the attention of fans and created a beautiful redemption arc that saw the character go from Medusa’s apprentice to DWMA student.

In the anime, part of Crona’s tragic backstory was the forced killing of a small dragon as part of Medusa’s cruel breeding techniques. This was even scarier in the manga. Unlike the baby dragon from the anime, Crona was forced to sacrifice a real, live bunny.

6 Justin Law betrayed the DWMA

soul eater justin law stein and marie

After the events of the BREW arc, DWMA began to suspect that they had a traitor in their midst. His recent series of failures led them to believe that someone in his ranks must have been providing valuable information to his opponents.

This led to an investigation and persecution by Stein and Marie over the course of several volumes. Eventually, the traitor was revealed to be none other than one of Lord Death’s own weapons, the Death Scythe Justin Law. Stein and Marie’s encounter with Justin remains one of the most epic fights in the entire manga.

5 The soul became a real death scythe

Soul Eater Manga Maka wields the soul

From the beginning of Soul Eater, becoming a Death Scythe was listed as the ultimate goal of a weapon. Death scythes were powerful weapons that were considered viable for use by Lord Death himself. Despite this goal, the Soul Eater The anime never resulted in any of the main characters reaching Death Scythe status.

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The manga, however, gives fans the ultimate reward of Soul Evans reaching Death Scythe status. While not much changed from the status quo, and Soul remained Maka’s partner, this was an achievement many fans had been eagerly awaiting.

4 Maka’s mom is nowhere to be found

Soul-Eating Spirit and Baby Maka

Maka’s mother is one of the greatest mysteries in history. Soul Eater franchise. Throughout the story, fans are given little hints about his abilities and personality. But very little is known about her, including what she looks like.

At Soul Eater anime, it is revealed that Maka occasionally receives postcards from her mother, implying that they know at least her general whereabouts. But in the manga, these postcards do not exist and it has not been confirmed at all where Maka’s mother is or if she is alive.

3 Death The Kid becomes the next Shinigami

Soul Eater Kid and Shinigami

in the world of Soul Eater, there is only one true Lord Death. Fans met him in the first episode and throughout the anime, he had a significant presence. While Lord Death has a son, as long as he is alive he will be the only true Grim Reaper.

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The anime hinted at his possible death during his fight with Asura, but ultimately let Lord Death survive the attack. The manga, however, is not as forgiving. With Lord Death’s sacrifice, Death the Kid would become the official Grim Reaper.

two Kilik Rung gains incredible power

Soul Eater Kilik Rung Manga

Among the DWMA students, Kilik Rung is one of the most powerful meisters enrolled. He may not be one of the main characters, but his impressive techniques earned him a reputation alongside Black Star and Death the Kid. Kilik Rung uses two weapons known as Fire and Thunder.

In the anime, these two are a pair of twins with childlike personalities. In the manga, they receive an additional power-up and unlock shaman forms. Their shaman forms age them into their teens and increase their various abilities.

1 Mifune died during his fight with Black Star.

Soul Eater Manga Black Star Vs Mifune

On Soul Eater, Mifune is one of the most powerful and revisited enemies of the Black Star character. Black Star first encountered him in Episode 2 and later fought the samurai multiple times. The anime ends with Black Star beating Mifune for the first time and convincing Mifune to join DWMA.

In the manga, the fight plays out slightly differently and ultimately ends with Black Star defeating Mifune in a do-or-die battle. Because Mifune was never an outright villain, his death was a great honor and pride as a samurai.

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