Stunning Mass Effect Cosplay Captures Miranda’s Lethal Perfection

Cosplayer Star Nacho brings all the deadly beauty of Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect to life, slipping in a nod to her “genetically enhanced butt.”

A fan of video games brings all the beauty and danger of mass effect‘s Miranda Lawson to life in an amazingly detailed cosplay.

Polish cosplayer Star Nacho posted photos of his creation on Instagram with the caption, “Give me that genetically enhanced loot for in-game romance while I pretend my crewmates are my real friends.” His words are likely a reference to the many, many shots of Miranda’s buttocks that can be seen throughout mass effect two.

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mass effectMiranda de ‘s is not the only video game character to appear in Star Nacho cosplays; images of her costumes for Sonya from Devil and Aribeth from Never winter nights can be found on his Instagram. There is also an image of a Disney+ gender dubbed Din Djarin the mandaloriancooking a meal with Grogu by his side.

Miranda was introduced in the 2009 mobile game. mass effect Galaxy, before appearing in mass effect 2 as a squadmate and potential romantic interest for male versions of Commander Shepard. She is an officer of Cerberus, a pro-human group, and is voiced by Right handedby Yvonne Strahovsky.

The classic video game franchise continues to inspire other types of fan-created content. A fan created a movie poster featuring veteran actor Idris Elba as Commander Shepard, and a group of modders managed to restore the long-lost Pinnacle Station DLC.

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In addition, there has been progress in mass effect franchise beyond impressive pieces of fan art and cosplay. Notably, Amazon is reportedly adapting the game into a television series. Although the news has made some members of the mass effect The creative team shudders, like writer David Gaider, others seem pretty excited about the potential adaptation. Writer Drew Karpyshyn tweeted: “Not involved but looking forward to it! Happy to ask if you want my opinion.”

Henry Cavill has also expressed interest in being part of Amazon mass effect, with some conditions. “The world of adaptation can be heavy or light. When I like a product, I prefer the adaptation to be less changed from the source, so it all depends, “said the actor. “I think he’s found a home, right? Yes. [the Mass Effect series] find a home, I’d love to have a chat.”

the mass effect the games are available on various platforms including PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U.

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