Supergirl Cosplay Creates A Costume Comic Fans May Prefer

Cosplayer Laney Fenimore has wowed fans online with her Supergirl costume and gives Girl of Steel the modern update her costume needs.

An amazing cosplayer absolutely crushed her version supergirl and you just might have found the perfect costume that any Girl of Steel fan would approve of.

Created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino in 1959, Supergirl first appeared in Action Comics #252. Propelled from the last surviving shard of Krypton, Argo City, Kara Zor-El ended up on Earth and joined her cousin Kal-El as protector of her new home. The young heroine was a member of the Superfamily for decades until her death via the Anti-Monitor in crisis on infinite earths. And while several other Supergirls would appear in Kara’s place, she was reintroduced in the Post-Crisis continuity much to the delight of fans.


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Professional cosplayer Laney Fenimore (@laneyfeni) put quite a bit of time and effort into her bold take on Kara Zor-El, and now she’s setting social media on fire. Not just because of her impeccable style, but because of how well she enhances Supergirl’s iconic look. Fenimore has made posts in recent months detailing her very high-quality Supergirl outfit. Crediting @xmanofsteelx and @sayakatcosplay for creating her outfit, as well as photography by @cyberheaddesigns, Fenimore posted several photos on Instagram showcasing the new version of Supergirl. The costume starts with Kara’s classic design and gives her some new elements, like the DCEU House of El symbol. The most obvious change to Supergirl’s outfit is Fenimore’s choice to swap Kara’s classic red skirt for a set of blue pants, also with details resembling the DCEU Superman outfit.

It would be downplaying it just to say that Fenimore’s cosplay was well received. Her Supergirl posts have thousands of likes, with comments praising the update. It’s no surprise that Fenimore’s outfit is getting more praise. With the DCEU preparing to introduce their version of Supergirl in The flashHype is for fans of Kara Zor-El. But what really makes Laney’s cosplay appealing is how well it modernizes Supergirl’s classic look in a way that feels natural and consistent with her character. Fans have in the past criticized female superhero costumes that attempt to emphasize her femininity rather than being a functional outfit.

As someone who spends quite a bit of time in the air, a skirt is exactly the kind of thing someone like Kara would probably avoid. However, a pair of pants solves that problem. But Fenimore acknowledges that Kara is a younger, free-spirited heroine and keeps her midsection bare. The outfit takes into account what makes Supergirl relatable, but makes improvements to make the costume a bit more practical. As Fenimore continues to receive the well-deserved praise from him, fans may want to consider how well a costume like that would translate into super girls comic adventures.

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