Sword Art Online’s Top 10 Waifus, Ranked

popular isekai anime sword art online It has as many supporters as detractors. A constant criticism is the fact that each new arc adds more female characters who inevitably join the harem of the protagonist Kirito. While this isn’t ideal, the characters themselves are still interesting when examined independently of Kirito.

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In fact, many sword art online fans have become very attached to the ladies of sword art online. Their courage and skills allow them to present themselves as warriors in their own right. Viewers have claimed many of these characters as their “waifus”, although the popularity of each individual figure varies.

10 Quinella has her fair share of fans despite her evil ways.

villains in sword art online you don’t always get it right, but Administrator Quinella may be an exception. In the Underworld, she is the ruler of the Human Empire and the top minister of the Axiom Church. As a child, she invents an offensive command of her own. She also realizes that killing things allows her to improve her abilities.

She uses this to manipulate everyone into thinking she received a gift from the gods. Over time, she takes over the Underworld, and even manages to dethrone the Underworld’s own AI, Cardinal System. Quinella is killed after a confrontation with Kirito, but many fans like her despite her evil ways.

9 Yuna’s talent and tragic story conquer the public on an ordinal scale

Another AI waifu, Yuna appears in ordinal scale like an idol figure. His charm and talent increase the popularity of the game, but his existence hides a darker purpose. Its creator, Tetsuhiro Shigemura, uses the game to extract memories from sword art online players hoping to resurrect his daughter Yuuna.

The AI ​​itself protests this plan, as it could once again lead to player deaths. Yuna comes to the aid of Kirito and his friends, foiling his creator’s plan but sacrificing her own life in the process. Even if ordinal scale it’s just a side story, Yuna’s tragic arc and decisions win over the audience and earn their appreciation.

8 Sachi remains a figure that many people hold dear despite her short-lived presence.

sachi smiles

In the first arc of sword art onlineKirito is best known for being the lone player Black Swordsman. But his self-isolation hides a tragedy, as his only attempt to get close to other players ends in a huge loss. Kirito becomes a member of the Moonlit Black Cats guild, and throughout this time, he is very close to the shy and fearful Sachi.

At the request of her guild leader, he mentors her as an advanced attacker. When she can’t handle the pressure from her, Kirito assumes her role himself and assures Sachi that he will protect her. Unfortunately, it fails, as most of the guild members die when they venture into a trap room. Later, Sachi sends Kirito a belated message for Christmas, and her last words give Kirito the strength to move on.

7 Silica and her adorable dragon always bring a smile to viewers

One of the youngest players caught up in sword art online, Keiko Ayano, known by her avatar name Silica, is memorable for her unusual ability to tame a small feathered dragon which she later names Pina. After Silica recklessly abandons her party in a dungeon, Pina dies and sacrifices herself to save Silica. With Kirito’s help, Silica brings Pina back, and she remains a great supporter of Kirito throughout the series.

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Although she is not at Asuna’s level in terms of fighting, her endearing temperament always brings a smile to the viewers. His presence in later arcs is less pronounced, but he does appear as a main character in the manga. Sword Art Online — Girl Ops.

6 Lisbeth’s strength lies in more than just her blacksmith’s hammer

lisbeth falling sword art online

Another character introduced in sword art online During the Aincrad arc, Rika “Lisbeth” Shinozaki meets Kirito when he is looking for a new sword to complement his Elucidator. Kirito accidentally breaks Lisbeth’s best creation, but that makes Lisbeth determined to make a sword to match Kirito’s. Together, the two venture into the fifty-fifth floor of Aincrad to find the materials needed for the future weapon.

An attack from the frost dragon that produces the necessary ingot unites them. Throughout this time, Lisbeth begins to have feelings for Kirito. Unfortunately, Kirito is already in a relationship with Asuna. But viewers don’t have Kirito’s problem, with many appreciating Lisbeth’s strength and development as a character.

5 Sugu is an expert in combat both in virtual reality and outside of it

Kirito’s adoptive sister and cousin, Suguha Kirigaya, is crushed when her brother is trapped in ODS. Seeking to understand the technology that Kirito loved so much, she joins Alfheim Online as Sylph Leafa. In the Fairy Dance Arc, Leafa is Kirito’s main support as he struggles to locate the captive Asuna.

Sugu’s romantic feelings for Kirito make her somewhat less likeable, but many viewers can see past that and appreciate Sugu for who she really is. Skilled at fighting both in VR and outside of it, Sugu has an energetic temperament and can even be aggressive towards those who annoy her. But she has a truly warm heart and her upbeat attitude is a great addition to SAO.

4 Yuuki accepts life despite its deadly and unfair challenges.

Yuuki, sword art online

Terminally ill, Yuuki Konno is the leader of the Sleeping Knights in New Alfheim Online. The guild includes members in the same situation as Yuuki, focusing on exploring the virtual worlds of ODS and make the most of the time you have left. Known as Zekken, Yuuki is an incredibly skilled fighter, to the point of even being able to defeat Kirito.

She even creates an original sword skill called Mother’s Rosario which she then passes on to Asuna. But what makes Yuuki such a great character is the way he accepts life despite the challenges. Even living under a death sentence, he is never afraid. When she passes away, she does so in peace, surrounded by her friends.

3 Alice’s character arc creates a truly unique addition to the show

Sword Art Online: Alice's Fragrant Olive Sword

Alice, one of the main characters of the Alicization Arc, has gained numerous fans since her first appearance. A denizen of the underworld, she is also an AI and, to Rath, a potential weapon meant to protect human lives. But she is also human in her own way.

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She manages to overcome the seal on Quinella’s right eye through the power of logic and takes care of Kirito during the time he is in a coma. Her abilities on the battlefield are incredible, but perhaps the courage she shows when she travels to the real world makes her truly great.

two Sinon’s drive to overcome her trauma makes her truly fascinating.

sinon trying to target sword art online

Phantom Bullet Arc deuteragonist Shino Asada, known as Sinon, joins Gun Gale Online in hopes of overcoming her trauma. At a very young age, she was forced to shoot a robber in her own defense, something that leaves her with many scars.

she becomes one of omg‘s top players, managing to co-win the third Bullet of Bullets tournament with Kirito and placing second in the fourth. His sniper skills are practically legendary, complemented by his ability to keep a cool head in combat. She can also be as lovable as she is deadly, and fans always love seeing her on screen.

1 Asuna is still the legendary lightning bolt and Kirito’s queen

The main heroine of sword art online, Asuna remains one of the most popular figures in the fandom. Introduced in the Aincrad arc as the dangerous Lightning Flash Asuna, she has shown her immense strength on more than one occasion.

His character progression hasn’t always been ideal, taking a particularly heavy hit in the Fairy Dance Arc. But fans of the character are willing to let their doubts slide. alicization It shows her becoming Kirito’s goddess and queen in the Underworld. She has more than earned her place in the hearts of viewers.

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