Teen Titans Group Cosplay Shows Off The Fun Designs Titans Missed

In a stunning Teen Titans cosplay ensemble that pays homage to the amazing DC Comics art of Gabriel Picolo, one of the greatest superhero teams comes to life.

In an incredible group cosplay that pays homage and recreates the incredible teen titans art by artist Gabriel Picolo, the DC Comics superteam gathers for some well-deserved downtime. In the photos, Raven, Beast Boy, Starfire, Cyborg, and Robin get together to grab a bite to eat, pose for photos, and do everyday teenage things that superheroes often don’t get a chance to do with all the doomsday battles and conflict. thrown in his way.

The New Teen Titans are an iconic DC Comics superteam created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez that brought together some of the greatest young heroes from across the universe. The Teen Titans have had many different team variations over the years, but the 2003 animated series team of Cyborg, Robin, Beast Boy, Raven, and Starfire remains the most popular iteration. In modern comics, artist Gabriel Picolo is currently the most popular Teen Titan artist on the planet. He went from posting his art online to drawing for DC Comics, working alongside writer Kami Garcia creating the excellent young adult graphic novels starring the team. His most recent book was the critically acclaimed Beast boy loves Raven. The Teen Titans remain incredibly popular, with numerous comic book series, animated shows, and live-action properties starring the team.


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About his Twitter account, cosplayer Caitlin Christie shared a group cosplay of the Teen Titans taking some much-needed time off. The image shows an amazing cosplay of Raven, Starfire, Beast Boy, Robin, and Cyborg in a joint photo shoot by @mooreamor_, @_Caoimhe_Morris, @caitchristinee, @MalloryScheidel, @nohandleybars (Instagram), and @omgleeroy (Instagram). Click through all four photos to see the Teen Titans relaxing at a restaurant, as the first image includes the perfect caption, “no missions today so we’re vibing.”

The images are clearly homages and recreations of Gabriel Picolo’s stunning Teen Titans art, as the cosplays bring his modern superteam designs to life in a dazzling way. Each cosplayer does a great job with their respective characters, as the current one makes us wish. titans The TV series was a bit more lighthearted and focused on this version of the heroes.

The Teen Titans are loved by DC Comics fans for a reason, which means there have been plenty of cosplays of the young heroes. However, when making a group outfit inspired by the art of Gabriel Picolo, this specific teen titans cosplay absolutely hits the mark in showcasing the personality and styles of the super-team’s trendiest aesthetic.

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Source: Caitlin Christine – Twitter

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