The 10 Best Anime Mecha Of All Time, Ranked

Giant robots have captured the admiration of fans through a variety of mediums, from Hollywood movies to video games, but especially in the world of anime. From the nostalgic early days of anime to current anime, mecha have constantly appeared time and time again.

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While some of these anime may not have achieved wide recognition like the Gundam series or the infamous Gurren Lagann, there are still anime that from time to time appears like a diamond in the rough. However, there are also anime where the story or characters are beyond horrible and the mecha is the only saving grace of the entire series.

10 the mecha saves anime

Vanguard Bangaata by Vandread

The anime mecha Vandread make up for what the story lacks. The yellow Vanguard Bangaata mecha that comes into Hibiki’s possession ends up changing after touching a strange crystal. His Vanguard gains the ability to combine with any Dread to become a Vandread. His abilities change depending on the Dread he is combined with.

The Dita combo has long-range cannons that can be turned into slashing weapons or a spear. The Meia combo can use a super fast battering ram attack to pierce through enemies and has lasers. The Jura combo has a massive defensive shield and laser discs that can fire in multiple directions. The final mastered form with all three dreadlocks can use a combination of the powers of all the dreadlocks.

9 Wicks shouldn’t seem so scary

Evangelion Angel Unit 01 Neon Genesis Evangelion

The demonic-looking purple mecha from the anime. Neon Genesis Evangelion it is Evangelion Unit-01. It was the first non-prototype Evangelion unit made and serves as the main model of the series. The most distinctive feature of this mecha is that it houses the soul of Yui Ikari, Shinji Ikari’s mother.

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This is the main reason Shinji can operate on it. But that’s also why this mecha goes berserk at times and often has moments where it can run without power. Also, he becomes extremely brutal in fighting during berserk mode. Unit-01 often reveals its impressive strength and solid defense in the form of its AT field.

8 A high caliber Mecha

Chamber of Gargantia on planet Verdurous (1)

Although the Camera K6821 also known as Camera of Gargantia on planet Verdurous is the Pilot Support Enlightenment Interface system for Ledo’s Machine Caliber, it is also much more. The chamber can act as a life support system with the ability to put its user into cryogenic stasis while protecting them with its impenetrable defensive armor.

Chamber was able to do this for a full six months before having to wake Ledo due to an unforeseen circumstance. Chamber also acts as a translator and battle advisor. He also possesses laser weapons that aren’t always useful in certain fights, so a variety of weapon swaps are set up over time.

7 Girls dig giant robots

Gunbuster from Gunbuster

Noriko proves that kids aren’t the only ones who like to play with giant mecha in nostalgic anime. gunslinger. The titular black and orange Gunbuster mecha is a combination of Noriko and Kazumi’s respective Buster Machines.

Some of Gunbuster’s main abilities are: a Buster Beam that fires from the crest of his head to slice through space monsters like a pie, Homing Laser beams that fire from his palms to deal immense targeted damage, and the Inazuma Kick that allows him to quickly launch himself into the air before knocking down an electrically charged dropkick.

6 Mecha looks like a lady

Strelizia from Darling in the Franxx

The custom mecha known as Strelizia from darling in the franxx it’s a rarity in the world of mechs. Her body is designed to resemble a woman without the normal awkwardness seen in most mecha. Strelizia requires two pilots: a pistil and a stamen.

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Zero Two is normally always the pistil, while the stamen’s position has changed through several people until her final stamen, Hiro, who was able to survive the longest in it. Strelizia wields a massive spear known as the Queen’s Pike, which doubles as the mecha’s tail when she is in “stampede” mode.

5 Age means nothing to mecha

Big O and Dorothy from Big O

A relic of Paradigm City’s past, Big O, after whom the series is named, is slow and clumsy, but is believed to be unstoppable. Roger Smith, the best negotiator, is the main pilot of this black mechanical giant. He can call Big O whenever he needs to by saying his name on his watch.

Big O possesses a variety of weapons consisting of multiple laser beams, including a focused one, a set of six machine guns, and a set of 18 missiles. He can also transform most of his body into a huge cannon that can blow up massive structures.

4 Mecha with a God complex

Escaflowne from The Vision of Escaflowne

The name of the anime along with one of the main songs and the accompanying lyrics are a big clue as to who the real star of this anime is. The Guymelef fuse Escaflowne of Escaflowne’s Vision He is also known as the patron god of Fanelia. He can only be operated on by Van Fanel, who had to complete a test of succession rite that involved him retrieving the Energist from a dragon’s heart. Van then must make a blood pact with Escaflowne to wake him up.

Escaflowne’s weapons include a long sword and shoulder lasers. He can also transform into a dragon. The downside is that whatever damage Escaflowne takes, so does Van and can only be healed if Escaflowne is healed.

3 A Mecha Otaku’s Dream Come True

Ikaruga from Knights and Magic

Many mecha otakus dream of building their dream mecha and for many, it’s just a dream. ernesti of Knights and Magic he used to be one of those mecha otaku until truck-kun came for him like many isekai. After much study, training, and fortuitous events, Ernesti manages to build the mecha of his dreams.

His Ikaruga mecha is a blue and gold colored beauty, he has six arms in total and four are sub-arms. He is equipped with two aether reactors, a gigantic heart, and a queen’s crown. He becomes one of the first Silhouette Knight mecha to use flight.

two A mecha symbol of brothers

Gurren Lagann from Gurren Lagann

This awesome mech has a red, black, and gold colored body with a front piece that resembles the sunglasses worn by Kamina and later by Simon. The mecha, which shares its name with the series, Gurren Lagannwas formed when in a humorous moment of feeling inferior during a fight, Kamina yelled at Simon to combine his gunslingers into one, and surprisingly it worked.

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His fighting abilities consist of doing exercises of different sizes and shapes from multiple parts of his body. Additionally, many fans see this mecha as a symbol of the close sibling relationship that Kamina and Simon shared.

one A mecha anime legend

Gundam RX-78-2 from Mobile Suit Gundam

A legend among mecha anime the RX-78-2 Gundam from the original Gundam Mobile Suit he is often credited with starting the love for mecha anime. This mecha was secretly built by Side 7 to defend against the Principality of Zeon and in hopes of turning the tide of battle in the One Year War.

Its main pilot was Amuro Rei. His weapons were a 60mm Vulcan Gun for melee and mid-range defense, a Hyper Bazooka that has a mini rocket launcher, a Beam Saber for close-quarters combat and a Beam Saber for long-range combat, and a Beam Rifle. . RX-78-2 also had a shield that could be removed for additional defense.

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