The 10 most inspiring Ravenclaw cosplay on Instagram

When the Harry Potter As the series began to grow, companies brought out Hogwarts-related merchandise to appease fans, with plenty of clothing and accessories for Gryffindors. There was also some good for Slytherins, as many fans lean to the dark side, but almost nothing for Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw fans, as there were very few main characters from these houses.

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But the lack of official materials didn’t stop fans for long. Devoted Potterheads can do the most amazing things for the sake of cosplay, and they share their talents with the world through social media. From main characters to original characters, Instagram is full of amazing Ravenclaw cosplays to inspire fans of the franchise.


A Ravenclaw student with her owl

Every Harry Potter fan has dreamed of having an owl of his own to carry his messages at one time or another. They are featured in the books and movies as some of the most loyal pets, as well as being helpful. Additionally, Ravenclaws have a special connection to owls as they are frequently used as a representation of knowledge.

This Harry Potter fan got the chance to interact with some amazing owls and knew it was the perfect time for a cosplay photo shoot. He is wearing his Ravenclaw vest, tie, and scarf, and looks like he came straight out of the series.

The Ravenclaw Seeker

While skill in Quidditch was never documented as one of Ravenclaw’s best traits, her perfectionism surely makes her team stronger. This cosplayer went beyond the standard house colors to show off his flying robes. In these images, he is shown with his hand outstretched, about to catch the Golden Snitch and win the game for Ravenclaw!

This is truly an amazing cosplay, and it shows a side of Ravenclaw that fans usually don’t get to see. There is a fierce rivalry between the Gryffindor and Slytherin Quidditch teams, but the Ravenclaw team is also in attendance and with this cosplayer on their side, they are sure to come out on top!

Marietta Edgecomb

This cosplay is great because it showcases a character that few movie fans would know about, but who had a big role in the books. Marietta Edgecombe is a Ravenclaw who doesn’t get much love because her most notable trait in Harry Potter it’s also the worst: betraying the district attorney. Due to her betrayal, Marietta was left with pustules and scars on her face, imitated in this cosplay.

This French cosplayer took advantage of a snowy day to show off her niche outfit, distinguishing her standard Ravenclaw outfit from others with Marietta’s distinctive red scars. But the smile on her face shows a Marietta that she was able to make a good life for herself, despite the curse she received from Hermione.

Ravenclaw Reading

This image shows a bit of unity between the houses that the Harry Potter series seriously lacked. Pictured are two witches from Slytherin and Ravenclaw levitating their books. They both look stunning in their respective house colors, and the images really bring the magic of Hogwarts to life.

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Ravenclaws and Slytherins would intuitively work well together, as they could both find themselves studying on a beautiful day. While one learns in pursuit of true knowledge and the other out of ambition, both are bound to spend their time honing their craft with similarly motivated peers. This cosplay shows off that special kind of friendship and will have fans wanting to know more about the characters’ lives outside of the Golden Trio’s social sphere.

Rowena Ravenclaw

This cosplayer decided to spend time and effort to perfect the look of one of the richest Ravenclaws in the world. Harry Potter series, Rowena Ravenclaw. Rowena was one of the four founders of Hogwarts, and was the most dedicated to learning for learning’s sake. She believed that everyone who wanted to acquire knowledge should have the right to do so.

The cosplayer’s dress is traditional Ravenclaw blue, but otherwise, she seems like a perfect match for Rowena Ravenclaw’s portrait, right down to her stern, imperial expression and the position of her hands. Atop her head is the famous diadem shown in the finale. Harry Potter film, a strong complement to the rest of her look.

ravenclaw warrior

This cosplayer took a less traditional route with her outfit, doing a Ravenclaw-themed Xena-style warrior outfit for her version of a Harry Potter cosplay Ravenclaws are traditionally seen as the wise, scholarly type, in contrast to the more physically adept Gryffindors, but that’s a stereotype this cosplayer is moving away from. It would be wise to remember that the Greek goddess of wisdom was also a goddess of war.

He wears stunning silver armor with blue accents and eagles, Ravenclaw’s mascot, emblazoned throughout. To top off the look, she wears a version of the Ravenclaw headband, which she blends seamlessly with the rest of the outfit, to make a fierce warrior that few would want to oppose.

Ravenclaw furry friends

Human cosplays are amazing, but who could help but stop to praise a furry friend who joins in? These two Ravenclaws sport dramatic outfits, much fancier than the traditional Ravenclaw uniform, and have managed to convince their beefy friend to wear a Ravenclaw scarf to show his house pride as well.

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The image is sprinkled with blue magic which further enhances the Ravenclaw aesthetic. The trio look stunning in their cosplays, and they look like they’re headed to a party any Potterhead would kill to attend.

A ravenclaw in the wild

Imagine the perfect image of a Ravenclaw. Now check out this cosplayer and see how he comes to life. She is in her Ravenclaw sweater and tie, with a book in one hand and her wand in the other. Along with her outfit, this cosplayer has accessories, including an owl in a cage, more books, and what appears to be a snake or small dragon.

The backdrop, which is credited as Big Spring Park in Huntsville, Alabama, adds a nice natural touch to the image, making it appear more realistic than many cosplayers who lean towards fantasy elements. This is a wonderful cosplay and shows the spirit of the adorably nerdy Ravenclaw well.

queen of ravenclaw

This is one cosplayer who really embraced a Ravenclaw New Year’s Resolution: stop trying to justify your passions. This queen is embracing her passion for her Hogwarts house and the drag community and she looks stunning while she does it.

Her outfit includes a Ravenclaw-inspired makeup look, a blue dress, and silver accents and jewelry that go well with the Ravenclaw tiara on top. Her look is a radical expression of love for one’s identity and Harry Potter series and one that other fans will be desperate to imitate.

luna lovegood

It would be impossible to have a Ravenclaw cosplay collection without including the most famous Ravenclaw, Luna Lovegood. Luna is a beloved character in the franchise and has been especially claimed by those who feel alienated by her interests, who finally saw themselves represented on page and screen.

There have been so many amazing Luna Lovegood cosplays, and fans should definitely head over to Instagram to see even more, but this is one of the best. This Russian cosplayer really capitalized on Luna’s eccentric beauty, adding her Specterspecs to the standard Ravenclaw cosplay and featuring a number of accessories including books, a cauldron, and the newest edition of the Quibbler. Truly, this cosplayer and the others featured here put their hearts into cosplaying her and showing her pride in the Ravenclaw house.

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