The 10 Most Irritating One Piece Villains, Ranked

One piece It has an impressive repertoire of villains and antagonists considering that it is a story about the adventures and exploits of pirate crews. But while many opponents of the Straw Hat crew are convincing, fleshed out, or at least easy to take seriously in their villainy, if not likeable, some evil characters are anything but.

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Instead of excitedly watching the show to see the protagonists outwit and beat adversaries, as is the case with top-tier, impressive villains, these bad guys are downright annoying to watch. Whether it’s for weird habits or unsympathetic characterizations, these characters are hated, not necessarily for being villains, but for being poor attempts at interesting competition.

10 Wanze’s abilities are disgusting and mind-blowing

Since he appears as a barrier to Sanji, Usopp, and Franky trying to get to Robin at the end of the Water 7 arc, Wanze is already in a precarious position in the story. His wacky personality doesn’t do her any favors as he messes around in his kitchen mess as resident chef.

But her food-making skills make the viewer cringe because of the implications of all the biological functions that take place. Wanze’s specialty is ramen, but she eats flour and then blows the finished ramen through her nose into a bowl before serving it. It makes sense that all three visitors would be repulsed and wonder who would be willing to eat that.

9 Satori provides irritating nonsense

Satori is one of the four priests of Enel from the Skypeia arc. Arguably the dumbest of the priests, Satori’s specialty is floating balls with different functions and he is introduced floating and bouncing on one as he explains his obstacle course to Luffy, Usopp, and Sanji.

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While initially a unique villain whose funny and goofy exterior belies a dark and malicious personality, the constant repetition of Satori’s trademark giggle and the amount of time he spends fighting him make him increasingly boring when the Straw Hats finally They manage to outsmart him.

8 Flampe turns on his hero for superficial reasons.

Charlotte Flampe, one piece

The 36th daughter and 77th son of the Charlotte family, Flampe of the Whole Cake Island arc should be highly regarded as she is technically a high achiever for her age, being an officer of the Big Mom Pirates and captain of the unit of special attack with only 15 years. But her personality and her actions during the arc ensure otherwise.

While her idolization of her older brother Katakuri seems touching at first glance, she repeatedly interferes in his fight with Luffy. When Katakuri reveals her hidden mouth, Flampe immediately turns on his brother and ridicules him for his physical characteristics, showing his shallowness and immaturity.

7 Sterry The Snob Judges by class status and wealth

King Sterry of Goa with Admiral Garp, One Piece

Sabo’s adoptive brother and current king of the Goa Kingdom, Sterry is infamously remembered for his snobbish personality and class bias towards anyone he deems inferior to him. Despite the kindness of Sabo’s family in taking in the orphaned Sterry, the latter is terribly critical and ambitious with the wrong goals.

In particular, he wants to become similar to the Heavenly Dragons, the ultimate embodiment of the spoiled right. Sterry is also dismissive of Admiral Garp just because of his citizen status, but Sterry can also project false and kind behavior to ingratiate himself, further adding to his unpleasant nature.

6 Bellamy bullies those he considers minors

Bellamy makes his beliefs known early on when he physically torments Luffy and Zoro and spits on the Dreamers’ goals. Taunting them with the idea that the new age of pirates is for those like him who prey on the weak, Bellamy only gets away with it the first time because Luffy doesn’t see it as worth it.

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Capturing the essence of a thug, Bellamy is a staunch defender of his strength as a pirate and his rather weak devil fruit leads him to think he can terrorize whoever he chooses. When he goes too far and steals Mont Blanc Cricket, Luffy rushes to stop him.

5 Wapol just obstructs and shows his obnoxious nature

Wapol from Drum Island is introduced boarding the Going Merry and gulping down morsels from a ship that isn’t his, thanks to his Munch-Munch Devil Fruit. The eventual revelation that he was the shadowy ruler of Drum Island cements the abominable nature of him, especially after the role he played in Chopper’s backstory by killing his role model and restricting every doctor in the kingdom for his own care.

Wapol is not given any nuance or depth to his character; he’s just flat and disgusting from start to finish, and the fact that he’s unsympathetic after being overthrown is a testament to how horrible he is.

4 Foxy’s transparent deception is hair pulling

Captain Foxy, One Piece

Foxy, the Straw Hat Pirates’ main opponent during the Davy Back Fight, or Foxy Arc, is easy to immediately hate when he claims Shelly, Tonjit’s loyal horse. He then demands Luffy play the Davy Back Fight with him, a multi-round tournament between pirate crews that gives each a chance to poach each other’s teammates.

But his cocky attitude, brazen cheating methods, and appearance in what looks like a filler arc are what make him truly infuriating. Hardly entertaining or impressively respectable, Foxy is a thorn in the show’s side that must be endured until he leaves the screen.

3 Absalom sneaks up on women and manipulates power imbalances

Appearing in the Thriller Bark arc, Absolom is one of the leaders of the Zombie Soldiers and a general of Thriller Bark. Although more serious and reasonable than others, Absalom is acknowledged to be a pervert and a scoundrel with women. He uses his Clear-Clear Devil Fruit invasively, turning invisible to spy on them.

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Absalom is also obsessed with forcing a woman to be his girlfriend, which he almost succeeds in doing with Nami. He is also not above sexual harassment, as shown when he licks Nico Robin. Finally, Absalom likes to take advantage of power imbalances and prefers women who cannot defend themselves.

two Trebol exhibits rude and sadistic behavior

Ultimately responsible for the villainy that is Donquixote Doflamingo, it’s no surprise that his mentor Trebol is a work of his own. Although much of his influence is indirect through his effect on Doflamingo, Trebol still stands out as an abominable figure.

With his habit of ignoring personal space when talking to people and his rather nauseating Sticky-Sticky Devil Fruit constantly running down his nose, Trebol is one antagonist viewers wouldn’t mind seeing less of. He is also reckless and impulsive, making him an explosive character who deals high damage in the blink of an eye.

1 Saint Charlos believes in blood sports and their legitimate superiority

One Piece Charlos Worried Nose Dripping

The Celestial Dragons in principle are controversial figures. They are considered untouchable due to their World Noble status and their ability to call on the World Government to do their bidding should they be dissatisfied. But Charlos stands out as a particularly disgusting example.

Spoiled and pampered all his life with his every whim catered for, Charlos behaves like a child. He is also bloodthirsty, buying a mermaid friend of Luffy and Hachi at auction and intending to make a spectacle of her being brutalized underwater for onlookers without regard for her sensitive nature.

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