The 10 Strongest Lieutenants In Bleach, Ranked Based On Their Strength

bleach The captains of the Gotei 13 often command the respect of all of Soul Society, but their lieutenants are no pushovers. After all, it was Renji who pushed Ichigo to exhaustion in the first quarter of the Soul Society arc.

This list will chronicle the 10 strongest lieutenants in Bleach, with a specific focus on current lieutenants. As the post-timeskip era has shown, Lieutenants have grown as big as Captains, so it’s foolhardy not to rank them.

Note: This article will contain spoilers for Bleach. The article is also only the opinion of the author.

10 of the strongest current Bleach Lieutenants, ranked according to their strength

10) Akon

The only advantage is his mind and intellect, which can help him when it comes to pushing. Akon mostly stayed in the background, providing other Shinigami with intelligence on threats, invasions, Hollows, and providing Gegai-enhancing power to other Shinigami.

It was not until bleach Thousand Year Blood War arc in which he got a chance to shine, by reopening a barrier that prevented Ichigo from fighting. He gave the injection Ichigo needed, but Akon passed out afterwards and had to be treated for a while.

His signature technique is his Róng, making a strong acid by sspraying liquid from a vial into a larger pool of a different liquid and reciting the numerical sequence 33445588812366. It was strong enough to melt a massive hole known as Jigoku no Gaki.

9) Marechiyo Omaeda

A rather wealthy and corpulent lieutenant, Marechiyo Omaeda would be considered BleachDC Comics version of Guy Gardner: arrogant and cowardly. He uses this to his advantage as it leads people to underestimate him and his real strength.

The thing is, he was knocked out by Ichigo Kurosaki in two punches during bleach Soul Society Arc, but he fared better against Nirgge Parduoc on 27 Arranac in BleachFake arch of Karakura town. His size belies great speed with Shunpo, able to outrun BG9, and his abilities with his Zanpakuto make him capable of fighting on equal terms with Lieutenant-level Arranac.

One of his weaknesses is that he is not good with Kidō, which means that casting spells is his downfall. He is also quite cowardly unless his family is threatened. His Zanpakuto, Gegetsuburi, is also more offensive than defensive and can be easily broken, and even shattered, by stronger opponents like Ichigo.

8) Or I give up

One of the newest lieutenants during bleach Echoing the Jaws of Hell arc, Atau is polite and fond of animals to the point where he temporarily shirks his duty to spend time with the wildlife in the gardens of the 7th Division barracks. He is also deaf, communicates entirely in sign language, and is trained to read lips.

Despite the brevity of his appearance, he boasts a great deal of spiritual power and his Shikai’s special ability gives him the ability to summon different animals to attack by inscribing release commands on the blade.

The one the audience sees in the bleach NO BREATHS FROM HELL The manga chapter is a swarm of hawks quickly consuming a Jigoku no Gaki in seconds. Since not much else is known about him, he is low on the list for this reason.

7) Momo Hinomori

Despite Hinomori’s appearance and overall good nature, she is no slouch in the power department. She is considered to be an expert with Kido, she can use multiple spells at once, she is an expert swordsman and nearly took out three of the Fraction with a powerful combo net technique.

He also subdued some of Zanpakuto’s spirits during the rebellion, trapping them all in a Kido net. Hinomori is also a great tactician, he uses what he lacks in direct battle to combine attacks and feats, especially with his Zanpakuto able to stop or at least slow down a blast from Cero.

The problem with her is that despite growing as a person and a fighter, she hasn’t had any wins on her own, preferring mostly to play the support role. This is not bad at all, but it is quite a frustrating experience, as she is always trying to help.

6) Mashiro Kuna

Mashiro, a member of the Visored, a group that can use Hollow masks to empower themselves, is the co-lieutenant of the 9th Division. She is unique for dressing like a super sentai character and having enhanced strength.

During the Fake Karakura Town arc, he was able to destroy large Hollows with just one kick. He also stuns the Wonderweiss, forcing it to level up to withstand his hits and techniques. She got overconfident thinking he was defeated, which is what led to her downfall.

The other thing is that once Hollow’s mask was broken, Wonderweiss easily defeated her and Kensei had to rescue her. She luckily survived and was still able to help everyone, but her confidence never wavered because of this.

5) Izuru Kira

Kira sped through the Shinigami Academy against everyone else using Hado, and considers herself Renji’s friend. She was top of her class at the academy and defended everyone from a Hollow attack after her training session was interrupted. After being saved by Aizen, he became quite a useful puppet.

But after Aizen’s betrayal and a bunch of other things, he finally straightened up and fought alongside everyone. One of his accomplishments was in the New Captain Shūsuke Amagai arc when he fought and defeated his former partner.

He defeated Arrancar, bested more than a few Hollows, and even survived an attack that devastated the land. His Zapakuto/Shikai’s ability is to increase the weight of any object he hits. He even worked against the massive Jigoku no Gaki.

4) Shuhei Hisagi

Aside from being a drinker, bleach Hisagi is not to be underestimated. He is very cunning as a swordsman and despite being afraid of his Shikai, he is still good enough with his Zanpakuto to use it as a sword. He is fast enough with Shunpo to dodge multiple blasts, and is a proficient unarmed fighter with incredible strength.

His Shikai allows him to immobilize opponents with a chain, trapping and even strangling them. He fought against a faction with Captain-level spirit power and defeated it effortlessly and also helped defeat member Visored Tosen.

He showed great skill and intelligence against the faction in a fight where even the captains had to fight to beat him. He can also incorporate mid-tier kido into his fights, enhancing his versatility and lethality.

3) memadara me kkaku

BleachIkkaku loves a good fight, and fighting Ichigo for BleachThe Soul Society arc was one of them. Although he lost that fight, he never let himself be defeated afterwards, especially considering his stubbornness in battle. That’s a problem because it also lengthens fights.

Regardless, he blocked the Eread Lions’ final blow and defeated him by losing his Bankai. He was able to defeat a Jigoku no Gaki by cutting off its head, and is an expert swordsman in the use of distraction, as well as enhanced strength, and his Zanpakuto can heal and kill.

The problem is that his Bankai is so powerful that the edge of his Zanpakuto becomes brittle and his Shikai is not very durable. As mentioned during the Eread Lions fight, it smashed hard against him after being unleashed. He also has a waning power problem as he uses too much.

two) Rangiku Matsumoto

Don’t be fooled by her curvaceous appearance, Bleach‘s Rangiku is one of the most serious and powerful lieutenants. Rangiku can take on large groups with his skills with a sword, is able to use certain Kido spells without enchantments, and has some hand-to-hand knowledge.

She held off a huge Arrancar by stomping with one hand, was able to fight off three of the Sword Faction without breaking a sweat and took a direct hit from a tremendously large Hollow named Ayon who pierced her right side and survived. Her Shikai transforms her sword into a cloud of ash that can tear opponents apart.

Ranhgiku may be a slacker and a dump, but he manipulates quite well when he manipulated the Third Sword Faction into letting their guard down. He managed to beat Izuru when he was under Aizen and Gin’s manipulations, he stopped the huge Nakeem in his tracks and finished him off, and much more.

1) Renji Abarai

Despite never having particularly high skills in Kido throughout Bleach, Renji Abarai makes up for it in close combat. He was good enough to duel on par with Ikkaku’s Shikai and hold his own against captain-level fighters. He is also one of the only lieutenants to achieve Bankai, he is an expert in Shunpo and has great spiritual energy that overpowered a captain level combatant who had handily defeated him before.

His enhanced strength allows him to throw people into the air, withstand blows from strong people, and blow up the entire Szayelaporro Fraction several meters away, despite his enormous size. After training with the Royal Guard, Renji’s strength increased to the point where he created a large crater by elbowing Mask De Masculine in the back of the head and stopping Star Satsujin Punch with just his bare hands.

He also took multiple swords on his body and moved on and his Zanpakuto has various Bankai techniques that he can use in conjunction with his extended sword Shikai. He also has the highest win record of any lieutenant.