The 10 Worst Ninjas In Naruto, Ranked

Before Naruto becomes the most powerful shinobi, he is just a boy trying to gain recognition from the rest of his people. Even though most people see him as a class clown and a failure, he proves to be a splendid ninja in his own right.

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That said, not every character in the series makes it difficult for Naruto to prove he’s the best. While characters like Sasuke are naturally talented geniuses and prove to be a series-wide obstacle for Naruto to face, some other characters are much easier to overcome. Not everyone can be an excellent shinobi and it’s amazing how some have failed in that regard.

10 Rock Lee only has Taijutsu

rock lee prepared to fight

Rock Lee is a beloved character for a reason. He is unmatched in taijutsu and has the heart of a true hero. Despite that, he still fails technically when it comes to being a full-fledged shinobi. Genjustu, ninjutsu and taijutsu are the foundation by which all ninjas live.

Since Lee can’t do anything other than taijutsu, his fighting style will always be weaker than others. During the Fourth Shinobi War, he stood by as the mightiest ninja fought. He’s a great character, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t failed in many ways.

9 Ebisu isn’t much of a Jonin.

Ebisu from Naruto

It’s hard to believe that Ebisu is a jonin considering how weak he’s shown to be. He is smart and has shown to have a lot of experience, but even when Naruto is at his weakest, he can easily defeat Ebisu.

It’s quite embarrassing that a genin can fool a jonin with a technique like the Sexy Jutsu. Considering how powerful other jonin have proven to be, it makes sense that Ebisu doesn’t fight much throughout the series.

8 Tenten is forgettable

Tenten using a jutsu

For many fans, Tenten is the most forgettable character, which is a shame because she’s fun when she really can do anything. However, his fighting technique is quite weak compared to the others and he has never been shown to be very good at hand-to-hand combat.

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Sakura and Ino’s fight is considered by many fans to be the worst of the Chunin Exams, but considering that Tenten couldn’t even actually fight, hers is even worse. There is some attempt to flesh out her character during the Fourth Shinobi War, but it goes nowhere. With a weak fighting style and no character development, she is definitely one of the worst ninjas.

7 Shino has a unique technique but never gets to use it.

shino insect hand naruto

Shino is another forgettable character, to the point where he’s actually a running joke. Although he has a unique fighting technique, he doesn’t get many chances to use it. His personality also makes it very difficult for fans to connect with him.

His clan’s technique has proven useful on several occasions, but compared to his comrades, he is incredibly weak when it comes to fighting. Of all the students, he is probably the weakest.

6 Kabuto is a poorly developed villain

kabuto naruto

Kabuto is probably one of the most hated characters in the series. Most of the time, he is a fan of Orochimaru. Even when he branches out, he feels more like a nuisance than a threat.

It also doesn’t help that his personality can be incredibly irritating. Even though fans are led to believe that he is powerful, he actually doesn’t do that much. His backstory is incredibly boring and his character is also not very well developed. Compared to the other villains in the series, his story is definitely the worst.

5 Orochimaru becomes a joke

When Orochimaru is first introduced, he is a serious threat. He easily defeats Sasuke and Naruto and is even responsible for the Third Hokage’s death. He is also able to fight one on one with Naruto while he possessed Kurama.

However, by the end of the series, Orochimaru pretty much becomes a joke character. He completely changes his mind about the Leaf Village without any real development and is allowed to roam free without any consequence. The fact that Orochimaru goes from being a powerful Sannin to someone in need of a babysitter shows how poorly he handles his character.

4 Sasuke is a Mary Sue

Sasuke is supposed to be the main character’s foil. He is Naruto’s opposite in every way and their mutual obsession with him fuels the entire series. Despite how important his character is and how powerful he is to him, his development is pretty poor.

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To make matters worse, he seems to win just by sheer luck in almost all of his fights. The fact that he survives for so long by relying on just one technique just goes to show how much Mary Sue ends up being his character.

3 Kaguya’s story collapses

For fans who got involved in Madara’s story, it’s quite disappointing that Kaguya is replacing him. She is incredibly overpowered and not very well developed. Plus, it represents the moment when the series completely spun out of control with its storytelling.

Even though she is supposed to be the most powerful shinobi of all time, her story completely backfires, making her one of the worst shinobi in the series.

two Fans were happy to see Danzo Go

naruto dance

Danzo is a character that is supposed to be hated. He makes unbelievably terrible decisions, but acts as if he is doing it for the good of the town. Every dire situation Naruto and the other characters have to deal with exists because of Danzo’s shady behavior.

He is partly responsible for the destruction of the Uchiha clan and even plotted to destroy the Leaf Village with Orochimaru. He’s probably one of the only characters fans were happy to see die and he’s not even technically a villain.

1 Hiruzen is the worst Hokage

In hindsight, Hiruzen is responsible for many terrible things. He allows the Uchiha clan to be ostracized, which ultimately leads to the clan’s destruction. He also breaks his promise to the Fourth Hokage, which was for Naruto to be treated like a hero.

Worse yet, he refused to kill Orochimaru, which ultimately led to the destruction of the Leaf Village. He may have seemed like a good leader in life, but it’s clear he made terrible decisions while he and the Hokage are lucky other characters were able to fix them.

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