The 10 worst things about Eren Yeager

the protagonist of attack on titan he has conquered the world acting as hero and villain. The boy who once spent his hours looking at the sky behind the wall Maria became a man who earned respect and fear, kindness and hate.

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Eren Yeager’s recent actions have made him an antagonist to both life and peace. While he hasn’t always been so bold, Eren’s worst traits seem to have taken over the emotional young man and turned him into a monster. Fortunately, Eren has friends who are able to put his emotions aside and stop him from destroying himself and the people of the world.

10 Eren never deals with his own emotions

Eren cut off his hand to become a Titan in exchange for an emergency

The first episode of attack on titan introduced fans to Eren Yeager. While the cute little protagonist had many admirable traits at this point in the story, he also showed hints of his worst attributes.

One of these clues came when Mikasa called out Eren for crying. Eren’s response is embarrassment followed by denial. His inability to recognize and accept his emotions would push him down a dark path that turned a beloved protagonist into a terrifying antagonist.

9 Eren lies to his friends and his enemies

Eren Falco Grice Attack on Titan

Eren Yeager is a liar. This may sound controversial to anyone who calls themselves a Yeagerist, but fans of AOT Those who have witnessed Eren’s interactions with Armin, Mikasa and Falco know the truth.

Season 4 of attack on titan shows fans a different side of Eren. This Eren has no problem lying to his friends and tricking kids into helping him commit genocide. He does so without hesitation on Marley by cheating on Falco, then returns his lies to Paradis in a feeble attempt to recruit Mikasa into his assassination squad.

8 Eren does not hesitate to take the lives of others

Eren transforms in front of Reiner and Falco

Eren has been scarred by violence and blood more times than anyone his age should be. When he was a child, he killed two of the slavers who tried to kidnap Mikasa, all without hesitation. Later, after witnessing the death of his mother, Eren vowed to destroy all the titans that threatened the walls of Paradis.

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All of this was done in the name of heroism and has been celebrated by fans. However, Eren’s foray into Marley is a different story. Here, he murdered innocent lives that never had a notion of murderous intent.

7 Eren narcissistically placed himself at the center of a historic war

Eren looking for Ymir Fritz

The only thing that can be compared to Eren’s incredible power in season 4 is his incredible narcissism. This man has purposely placed himself at the center of the greatest international conflict that has ever engulfed the human race.

By starting the Rumour, Eren took on the burden of a historical conflict that has raged for centuries. While many have praised Eren for taking responsibility for the wrongdoing of others, some believe that he is motivated by a narcissistic heroism that no one asked him to embrace.

6 Eren acts as if he is fighting for others while ignoring their opinions and criticisms.

Armin punches Eren during an argument - Attack on Titan

Eren should have immediately abandoned his plans for world domination when Armin got up from his chair to punch him. Armin is a symbol of peace in the world of attack on titan. Despite carrying the destructive power of the Colossal Titan, the blond boy from Shiganshina has only wanted peace.

Thanks to Eren, Armin has had to give up his right to negotiate and opt for violence. Still, Eren refused to listen to Armin’s criticism, even though Armin was willing to trade his own moral code for Eren. What makes this worse is the fact that Eren believes that he is fighting for Armin and Mikasa while he commits genocide.

5 Eren leads his allies, teammates, and friends into life-threatening situations.

Eren as the attack titan

Eren not only ignores the opinions of his friends and peers, but forces them to participate in violent situations that they feel uncomfortable with. In episode 86, Eren’s actions force Mikasa, Conny, and Jean to kill their former allies.

When Eren chose to invade Marley, he forced Armin to detonate a bomb in Marleyan Harbor, killing thousands of innocent people. Some friendships demand that both parties act outside of their comfort zone, but no friend would ever demand that their companions join them in the act of murder.

4 Eren chooses action over diplomacy every time

eren running forward attack on titan

Eren may be one of the most reliable fighters in the world of attack on titanBut he’s a lousy communicator. Throughout the entire series, Eren lets his anger and insecurity bubble up to the point of exploding.

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When fans reintroduce Eren after the time skip, it’s no surprise that his personality is balanced between quiet stoicism and explosive revenge displayed in episodes of extreme violence. Considering the master diplomat at her side, Eren’s inability to communicate may be her biggest weakness.

3 Eren’s actions are unpredictable

Eren's Attack Titan prepares to strike - Attack on Titan

The only predictable thing about Eren is that he’s going to be unpredictable. Scouts have been forced to deal with this aspect of Eren’s personality since the day she joined his ranks. Eren always gets ahead of his allies.

While this may make it seem predictable, it slips away at random and seemingly pointless times. Not a single character managed to predict his actions in season 4 due to how random and disconnected they were. It wasn’t until the moment the Rumor began that Eren’s true intentions were revealed.

two Trauma lurks in every inch of Eren’s brain.

eren looking out attack on titan

If fans were to bring Eren Yeager into the modern century and put him through a brain scan, they might find themselves facing a scan of one of the most traumatized brains in history. After spending most of his formative years feeling trapped, Eren murdered two men, watched a titan eat his mother, and then ate his own father to inherit the power of the Attack Titan. and foundation.

If that wasn’t enough, Eren’s life as an Attack Titan meant joining a giant skinned mecha, watching his childhood friend get burned alive, and committing mass genocide. This trauma has shattered any moral code Eren clung to as a child, making him one of the most dangerous characters in the world. AOT.

1 Eren has too often been manipulated by others to claim independence

Eren and Zeke agree on the Euthanasia Plan in Attack on Titan

Even though Eren had the power of Attack, Warhammer, and Founding Titan for most of Season 4, fans still viewed Zeke Yeager as a threat. While this could be seen as a compliment to Zeke’s brilliance, it also serves as an insult to Eren’s intelligence.

Of course, Eren has been known to fall victim to the whims of powerful men. When Rod Reiss kidnapped him, Eren nearly lost his will to live due to the King’s false accusations. He is not surprised when Zeke manages to work his way into Eren’s inner circle despite the fact that Eren doesn’t really need him.

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