The 9 Worst Ways to Die in Attack On Titan

Death is constantly around every corner in the world of Attack on Titan. While some are worse than others, there are fates worse than death.

Many anime series completely capture the attention of the audience and become cultural phenomena, but few have resonated to the level that attack on titan has. Hajime Isayama’s iconic action series recently concluded its manga, and its acclaimed anime adaptation is about to enter its finale with its final episodes sometime in 2023.

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The stakes have been high since attack on titan‘s first episode, but there has been devastating changes that have irrevocably changed the characters in the series and the world they strive to protect. attack on titan plunges its characters into a horrible war, and it’s a series where casualties are inevitable. Many formidable soldiers have met their ends in attack on titan, but there are some means of execution that are particularly shady.

9 consumed by a titan

attack on titan‘s The world is filled with non-stop threats, but one of the scariest ways to meet the end is to become a measly snack for a hungry titan. Titans are huge and hideous., but the first episode of the anime establishes that they are likely to collect and consume the population. Generic titans don’t appear to be overly intelligent, meaning they sometimes play with their food and torture the individual before they are devoured entirely. It’s never pretty, and Eren witnesses a Titan eat his mother that changes him irrevocably.

8 Taken out by a thunder spear

Anime Attack On Titan Levi Thunder Spear Explosion

The Titans seem practically impossible to defeat when the anime begins. The luxury of the airborne omnidirectional mobility kit allows soldiers to properly attack the weak point of the titans, the back of the head. Over time, the Survey Corps develop more advanced weapons to aid them in their extermination of Titan, with the Thunder Spears are the main among these tactics. Thunder Spears can decimate even the tough Armored Titan, so it goes without saying that a human wouldn’t stand a chance against them. Levi’s interrogation tactics towards Zeke result in him being caught in a Thunder Spear’s blast, leaving him on the verge of death for several episodes.

7 Killed as an empty gesture by a fanatical Jaegerist

Floch reveals that he knew of Eren's plan all along in Attack on Titan.

attack on titan he’s heavily involved in the war between humans and monsters, but it doesn’t take long for the series to illustrate that man can be capable of the greatest evils of all. The final season of the series divides the surviving humans into polarized extremist groups.

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The Jaegers are convinced that Eren’s destructive strategy is the best way forward for the world and they are not afraid to sacrifice anyone who opposes this new world order. Some of the most shocking deaths in attack on titan is when Yelena and Floch casually executes soldiers to comment on insubordination.

6 eaten alive by dogs

Anime Attack On Titan Faye Jaeger Dogs

There is no lack of tragedy attack on titan, To help your audience becomes more involved in the motivations that drive these characters forward. many of Titan‘s the characters are trapped in a cycle of violence that began long before their time. The animosity between the Marleyans and the Eldians is still palpable. The lack of empathy between these people has led to some devastating losses. Grisha Jaeger’s younger sister, Faye, she experiences the callous nature of the Marleyan soldiers who allow the dogs to eat her alive and do nothing to intervene. No one deserves to go out like this, least of all a child.

5 Ingest Zeke’s spinal fluid and become a mindless titan slave

Anime Attack On Titan Zeke Beast Titan Roar

Zeke, the Beast Titan shapeshifter, is a great antagonist during attack on titan‘s First days. Zeke and Eren find themselves on fascinating parallel paths that ultimately pull them in very different directions. A crucial pillar of Zeke’s plan to slaughter the Eldian population involves him secretly infecting Ymir’s Subjects with their spinal fluid. Zeke successfully accomplishes this through the soldiers’ wine, gaining the ability to transform them all into mindless titans simply through the roar of him. Many of these soldiers have no idea what is going on, and even beloved characters like Falco Grice are briefly subjected to this chaos.

4 Trapped in an eternal prison like being frozen

Anime Attack on Titan Connie Springer Mom Titan

A lot of different titans are introduced over the course of the series, but Annie Leonhart and her Female Titan cause serious waves during attack on titan‘s first two seasons. To avoid interrogation and torture, Annie encases herself in a crystallized titan hardening.

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Of course, Annie isn’t dead in this state, but it seems like a painful prison to be in. Similarly, some titans are left in a state of prolonged pain that seems demonstrably worse than death. Connie Springer’s mother becomes a Titan who becomes immobile and depends on her son for her sustenance.

3 Brainwashed by Eren and forced to carry out his orders.

Anime Attack On Titan Eren Brainwashes Grisha

There is rampant speculation about Eren Jaeger’s true motives in attack on titan and if you are currently playing an extremely long game or if you have already sold your ideals. A pivotal moment]in the series is Grisha’s murder of the royal family of Paradis Island, the Reisses, including innocent children. It is later revealed that Eren pushed Grisha’s hand in this matter by using the Attack Titan’s precognitive powers to access memories. Grisha doesn’t fully understand that he is under Eren’s manipulation and the Reiss family is equally horrified.

two flown in a blimp

Anime Attack On Titan Magath Shadis Ship Explosion

The resistance group that formed against the Jaegers is heavily outnumbered and has few resources. The success of his plan is determined by his ability to repair his airship and take his attack on Eren to the skies. The Jaegers nearly prevent the heroes from escaping, but Theo Magath and Keith Shadis are able to buy time and hold off the enemies with a touching sacrifice. Magath and Shadis orchestrate a ship explosion, costing them their lives but hopefully keeping their soldiers alive and allowing them to save the world. It is an altruistic death, but it is still tragic.

1 trampled by the noise

The Rumbling touches down in Attack on Titan

Eren and Zeke Jaeger are divided over the use of the Founder Titan’s powers and which is the lesser of two evils. Zeke opts for Eldian euthanasia, but Eren chooses to enact the Rumor, which frees all the Wall Titans and releases them into the world. Eren’s plan with Rumbling is to eliminate the outsiders so the world can truly start over and be free from the cyclical violence that continues to motivate them. Others point out that the Crash will result in countless casualties of innocent civilians who have no idea what is going on. It’s a heartbreaking way out.

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