The Batman: 9 Best Cosplays On Instagram Right Now

With each new Batman movie comes a new and updated version of everyone’s favorite characters, including Batman, Catwoman, and even The Riddler. On the batman‘s, fans around the world were inspired by the new looks displayed by all the characters.

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While Catwoman and The Riddler are taking on a more casual look lately, Batman is more dressed up than ever and even sporting new eye makeup. Not only has the movie taken the world by storm, but the cosplay community on Instagram has also been providing Batman fans with lots of quality content.


crime fighting batman

Reminiscent of the same atmosphere as the popular one. batman arkham video games, this action take is a unique play on Batman’s fighting skills. Between the messy clown makeup of the “thugs” and the ornate Batman suit of @koruption_kosplay, it’s easy to see how this look was found on Instagram’s Explore page.

While viewers saw Pattinson’s wrestling skills at the start of the batman, fans are looking forward to more enemy encounters in future movies. In the meantime, Batman fans can enjoy some great cosplays like this one.

The new Catwoman

When it comes to the batman catsuit, is much more manageable and realistic than the previous look of Catwoman. Though it seemed easier for Selina to get into, the outfit was nonetheless iconic in her own way.

@sydsugoi.cosplay nailed Selina Kyle’s look with this remix of the batman movie poster. Not only did he nail the colors and branding, but the authentic Catwoman outfit hit the spot, and it definitely helps that they both look alike.

Live from the riddle

Many fans believe that Paul Dano is the best Riddler yet, largely due to the new version of the character’s costume. Unlike previous outfits where The Riddler commonly sports a top hat and fancy suit, Dano’s Riddler portrays a more realistic and casually dressed version.

Cosplayer @livingdeadboy can be seen sporting many versatile looks on Instagram, however this version of The Riddler is one of his best yet. This edition really pays homage to the internet theme from the last film, not to mention the perfect outfit.

batman revealed

Although many different actors have played their own interpretations of Batman over the years, Pattinson’s Batman was noticeably different. Whether fans think his Batman is too “emo” or just moody enough, it’s undeniable that Pattinson’s version of the famous comic book character is iconic.

Instagram cosplayer @zackt._ nailed Robert’s signature look, between the messy black smoky eye and Pattinson’s own bat suit. Not only is the aesthetic accurate, but the cosplayer put his own modern spin on the look, which certainly made him stand out on the social media platform.

Catwoman in the spotlight

Although this particular cosplay is more suited to the cartoon version of Catwoman, there are some modern adaptation style shots in the latter part of the Instagram carousel. Between the neon colors and the undeniably stylish rendering, this creative team hit the nail on the head.

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Cosplayer @royaljourney paid homage to Kravitz’s Catwoman and even put a little spin on it. The portrait shots look like something out of a magazine, and with the help of @eethompson53, the look was put together in a new and exciting way.

The Riddler, everyone’s favorite barista

making fun of the batman moment when The Riddler is in a coffee shop with a question mark drawn on his coffee and cream, @impostercosplay created a funny version of the idea. While this shoot is certainly fun, it’s clear that the cosplayer’s creativity is there.

Also, the cosplayer has a wide variety of cosplays when it comes to The Riddler and Batman fans are definitely obsessed with it. If any fan is looking for cosplay inspiration when it comes to The Riddler, they will have an endless supply, thanks to this one cosplayer alone.

Batman, more moody than ever

Ambient lighting says it all, and this cosplayer is here to provide it. The high quality of the images is enough for fans to think that they are in the movie just by looking at the photo shoot, which is always the main goal that cosplayers try to achieve.

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The bat suit is not only perfect in terms of quality and precision, but the passion behind the photos is what translates. If this photo shoot doesn’t communicate “revenge”, then fans don’t know what does!

Catwoman on the run

With the famous character of Catwoman being played by groundbreaking actresses like Michelle Pfieffer and Anne Hathaway, it only makes sense that each woman would play a different version of Catwoman. One reason, in particular, that fans loved Zoë’s performance was because of her cool, natural vibe.

Cosplayer @Issabel did a great job portraying Zoë’s Catwoman with this action shot on her bike, which is usually quite a difficult concept to nail down in image form. Between the quality of the camera and the clear talented Photoshop skills, this aspect came together excellently.

Up close and personal with Riddler

While this cosplay probably required the least amount of effort when it came to editing, it is impressive with its precision. The provided closeup fills fans with trepidation as it is directly inspired by the self-photographed Riddler videos from the batman.

In addition to @impostercosplay’s flawless costume, the eyes and expression even tell a story, which is important for a villain who has most of his face covered until he’s stopped. All in all, it’s clear that this cosplayer is a great one to follow on Instagram, especially for Batman fans who can’t wait for more content in the future.

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