The best low-cost Attack on Titan cosplay shows off in hilarious compilation

The amazing lowcostcosplay (Lonelyman) shared a top 10 of his best Attack on Titan cosplays on Instagram, and the results are hilarious as always.

The incredibly creative lowcostcosplay (aka Lonelyman) shared a top 10 of his best attack on titan cosplays, and the results are hilarious as always.

This successful cosplayer from Thailand has put a new spin on the classic art of cosplay by using common items, appliances, and a lot of creativity to replicate fan-favorite characters. From matches to duct tape to bits of food, there’s no limit to the materials he’ll use to create effective and inexpensive cosplays. attack on titan is one of her favorite topics, and the top ten she shared on Instagram (@lowcostcosplayth) is both hilarious and amazing.


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The colossal titan, with its characteristic exposed muscles and bones, features prominently. Lowcostcosplay reproduced it with colored threads, sushi, matches, and even mayonnaise and ketchup. The Armored Titan was made using both the slices and skin of an apple, while for the Warhammer Titan he used chewed gum (a bit disgusting, but still effective). Although the titans are very popular, Lonelyman does not disdain the human characters of the successful manga and anime series either, in fact, that is where it reaches the highest peaks of comedy.

One of the most emblematic moments of attack on titan is when Eren puts his scarf around Mikasa’s neck when they were kids. This gesture of love and care establishes the dynamic between the two characters for the rest of the series. Lowcostcosplay reproduced it by wrapping a scarf around a Mikasa-brand basketball – it’s so simple, and yet so brilliant. The cosplayer also shows a great ability to make light of himself and make fun of himself. The latest cosplay, replicating Eren’s look from the later chapters of the manga, is hilarious because he juxtaposes Eren’s chiseled body and abs with Lonelyman’s bulging belly. It really shows the unique style of this cosplayer better than anything else.

Manga and anime are becoming more and more popular all over the world every year. There are hundreds of thousands of cosplayers who use the internet and social media to showcase their work, passion, and love for these characters, but lowcostcosplay must be one of the most original. With her humble, DIY approach, and penchant for comedy and irony, she really stands out from all the other cosplayers. Cosplay is always fueled by creativity, but Lonelyman really proves that one doesn’t need much more to reproduce his favorite characters, including the mighty titans of attack on titan.

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